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Golfing Ponytail with PonyO

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

Golfing Ponytail with PonyO

Ponytails for Golf

Create The Best Ponytails For Your Next Golf Session!

Ponytails are not just for the lazy-ass anymore! What used to be called as the hairstyle for the lazy has leveled up its game. In fact, they have become probably the most favorite style among gym goers and those who are practicing an active lifestyle. Same goes with girls who are into the club and ball sport, called Golf.

Unlike men, lady golfers don’t only think about their shoes, gloves, clothing, ball, and clubs but also their hair - the main concern among women with long hair in sports. Unless you have a short hair, wearing your hair up is the only solution to avoid your hair from blocking your vision and getting in the way to your winning. Added to that, wearing your hair up can help you ease the heat while playing under the sun.

Ponytails for Golfing

Golfing With Ponytails

We know you love your long and luscious hair. But when it comes to sports like Golf, you gotta keep them away! Because while they give you the most flattering look, unfortunately, they can distract you from playing and winning the game. How?

  • Because your hair can distract your vision.
  • They can be a real hassle everytime you move.
  • Your hair can backlash on your face whenever you throw your powerful swings.
  • It will cause you to feel the heat and sweat more.
  • Simply put it, they are very uncomfortable when playing Golf.

A great way to keep your hair in place while playing Golf is by tying them up in a ponytail. Ponytails are elegant, sleek, and flattering. And while they keep your hair tamed and away from your face, ponytails can also give you an instant face-lift effect. Making them even more suitable for girls who are active and want to look best while playing their favorite sports like golf. So if you are a golf enthusiast, play your game more smoothly, more comfortable, and more stylish with cute high ponytails!  

Golfing Ponytail with Pony-O

Easy Ponytails for Golfing

No matter how you keep your hair in a ponytail if they keep getting loose and fall off easily, then what’s the point of tying them up? Play bolder and fiercer by holding and securing your hair in place better with our revolutionary hair accessory, Pony-O!

Sweat Proof & Waterproof

We take pride to tell the world that Pony-O is 100% sweatproof and waterproof. So no matter what you do and where you go, we can assure you that Pony-O will take care of you. Regardless of how you sweat while swinging your club throughout the whole field under the sun, Pony-O can keep your ponytail up, high, and mighty!

Can Hold Up All Day

Pony-O’s revolutionary design was created to hold your hair up all day. Dance, run, dive into the ocean, or play Golf all day long, Pony-O will keep your hair looking fresh and secure. No need to redo and retouch. With simply tying your hair up once with Pony-O, you can easily play more comfortably and confidently.

Livelier And Perkier

Unlike any other hair accessories, Pony-O can create a gorgeous ponytail without the need to spray or tease your hair. As easy as clip, squash, and bend, you can instantly get a fuller looking and a livelier ponytail that perfectly goes with your visor and sunglasses. So on your next Golf game, say goodbye to flat and sad ponytails by switching your ponytails to Pony-O!

Thumbs Up For Healthy Hair

Whilst giving you the perkiest and cute ponytails for your golf game, Pony-O makes sure not to sacrifice your comfort and hair health. Unlike hair ties that can stick, rip off, and break your hair, Pony-O does none of it all. Instead, Pony-O will give you the most secure and fuller looking ponytails at the most comfortable state. On top of that, with Pony-O’s patented design, you get the perfect looking ponytails for your Golf games with no crease and damage at all.

Check out this video if you’re not convinced enough!


How To Create The Perfect Golfing Ponytail With Pony-O

Without a doubt, Pony-O is definitely the ultimate solution to your ponytail dilemma. It’s literally all you need! So time say goodbye to saggy and easy to fall ponytails and yes to livelier, more secure, and comfortable ponytails for your next golfing game with Pony-O!

Here’s how to properly use Pony-O in order to create the perfect golfing ponytails.

  1. Gather your hair and clip with Pony-O.
  2. Squash Pony-O making sure that it’s nicely secured.
  3. Lastly, bend both ends to finish your ponytail

And off you go! I repeat, Pony-O is the only hair accessory you will ever need! So go ahead and sport the best ponytails, look incredibly chic, and play at your best on your next golfing game with Pony-O! Grab yours here.

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