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Bun Barz™ make creating 12 different buns easy. Stays in all day, in any hair type. Great for shoulder length, medium and long hair, any hair type! There's no need for elastics, bobby pins, barrettes or other hair styling accessories.

Our patented Bun Barz™ are made from malleable metal that can be bent and hold its shape all day. That metal is covered with waterproof silicone that has raised stripes that keep the silicone from pulling at your hair the way elastics do.

How to Use Bun Barz™

  • Gather your hair and center it inside the Bun Bar.
  • Slide the Bun Bar down toward the tips of your hair.
  • Roll your hair up in the Bun Bar.
  • Bend the Bun Bar around so the ends meet each other.
  • Cover any visible portion of the bar with your hair.

A Variety of colors

Bun Barz™ hide in the hair, and are available in following colors:

  • Light
  • Dark