Q: What are Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™ made of?

A: Our patented accessories, Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™ are made of soft, durable, silicone, with a malleable metal insert.

Q: How do they hold hair so securely?

A: Shaping the Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™ properly, together with the silicone cover, is what holds the hair. The raised bumps and stripes allow your hair to be held, without pulling uncomfortably like elastics.

Q: What colors are Pony-Os available in?

A: You can get Pony-Os in a range of colors, including: blonde, black, dark brown, light brown, white and pink.

Q: What colors can you get Bun Barz in?

A: You can get Bun Barz in a light color for lighter hair or a dark color for darker hair. The Bun Barz hide in the hair, so a variety of hair-blending colors isn't necessary.

Q: How many hairstyles can I create with Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™?

A: We have instructions for creating 25 different hairstyles, 13 with the Pony-O™ and 12 with the Bun Barz™, but we also encourage customers to experiment and come up with their own styles, too.

 Q: What type of hair will Pony-O™ work best with?

A: It works great with any type of hair.

 Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Generally, it will take two to four weeks to receive your products, although we usually ship your order the next day. It may take longer for international shipments.

Q: Do you deliver everywhere?

A: No. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Asia.

Q: How long will the Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™ last?

A: The Pony-O™ and Bun Barz™ are designed to last for hundreds of uses.