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Pony O: 1 Piece Addon

Champagne Blonde
Sable (Black Brown)
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Sandy Beach
Onyx (Backordered, ships 8/17)


Meet the PONY-O, aka "the ONLY hair accessory you will ever need”!!

The Pony-O will give your ponytail the comfort its been craving!! Our revolutionary, patented design gives your hair a perfect perky lift in seconds!!

Pony-O Benefits...

  • ZERO damage
  • Maximum comfort
  • Perky, lifted ponytail
  • Has the strength to hold all day
  • Makes hair look thicker and bouncier
  • Designed to last hundreds and hundreds of uses

How Pony-O Works…

  • Put two fingers through the Pony-O
  • Grab your hair and slide it through the “O”, keeping the Pony-O close to your head.
  • Squash it completely flat (very important)
  • Individually and SHARPLY, bend each corner in towards eachother. THE SHARPER THE BEND, THE TIGHTER THE HOLD.

Why we LOVE...

Pony-O is revolutionary to the beauty industry! Get a perfect, perky pony with ZERO damage EVERY time! No more saggy, sad ponytails!! Your hair will thank you!!


Ships in 2-3 business days.

There are no color color substitutions if you feel that you have ordered the wrong color or type please cancel your order at and reorder!

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