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Why Buy From Us

Pony O™ and Bun Barz™ will be the only hair accessories you will ever need!

We've invested more than 28 years researching and designing hair accessories that women and children love to wear. Pony O™ and Bun Barz™ are our best accessories yet.

Some of the reasons you should buy from us:

Created for women by women, our accessories will hold your hair whether it's fine or thick, curly or straight, long or short. Plus, they will hold your hair all day without tension on the follicle or damage to your hair.

When you use an elastic to make a ponytail, you tighten it by grabbing your hair in both hands and pulling outward. Just think of the stress that puts on your hair follicle. That’s like threading your hair instead of your eyebrows! Our silicone coating and malleable core is comfortable and non damaging to the hair, and it doesn’t pull on the follicle like elastics do.

The Secret to Strong Hold

Our accessories are coated in silicone. Right off the bat, you would assume that anything coated in silicone would pull the hair, just like an elastic. That’s the reason for the bumps on the Pony O™. They are really important! The bumps are what allow Pony O™ to grip your hair without pulling it. Since the surface isn’t flat, there’s no pulling on your hair. The Bun Barz™ has a zebra print for the same reason. Give them a try. We think these will be the most secure and comfortable hair accessories you’ve ever worn.

Superb for Summer

Our hair accessories are perfect for the summer, as they are made of waterproof silicone that can be used in the pool, at the beach, or in the ocean. They are easy to remove from chlorine or sweat soaked hair. There is no pulling, no ripping, no damage to any hair type.