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BUN BARZ: 2 piece pack


Designer: PONYO


Our accessories will hold your hair better than anything on today's market!

Bun Barz ship in three days! Don't hesitate...we are running low!

Bun Barz make creating 12 different buns easy. Stays in all day, in any hair type. Fine hair looks thicker! There's no need for elastics, bobby pins, or spongy forms and socks are for your feet! Pony-O products never damage your hair!

Our patented Bun Barz are made from malleable metal, covered in silicone that, when bent, holds its shape all day. Your hair can't force open the Bar. The waterproof silicone holds tight but feels comfortable and light!

 Bun Barz hide in the hair, and are available in hair blending colors.

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