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BUN BARZ: 2 pieces

Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Sandy Beach
Champagne Blonde
Milk , Dark Chocolate
Onyx & Champagne Blonde

Meet the Bun Barz, the tool that will give you the BEST looking bun with minimal effort!! This hair accessory makes it easy to create a flawless trendy bun in the matter of seconds!! You will be obsessed!

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  • Creates a trendy look instantly
  • Holds all day
  • Gives you a voluminous Bun without the use of foam rollers and socks!

How Bun Barz Work…

  • Take your hair and place it between the two bars
  • Clamp the bars down at your shortest layer
  • Begin to roll the BunBarz down toward your face
  • Leaving a little room between your head and the bar, bend each side in toward eachother
  • Squash the BunBarz to secure it.
  • Wrap your hair around to cover the bar
  • For more volume, grab the hair and gently tug to create a bigger bun.
  • After tugging, make sure to squash again!!! 

Why we LOVE…

The Bun Bar is a unique tool that creates a perfect, beautiful bun with no need for bobby pins or headaches! It’s so easy that anyone can do it!! The bun is a trend that will never go out of style and now you can perfect it with our BunBarz!!!

Ships in 2-3 business days.
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