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Top Five Hair Accessories that are Killing Your Hair Today

hair accessories

Not all hair accessories are the same. In fact, some of them are downright awful for your hair and can lead to things like hair loss if used for a prolonged amount of time. Whether they’re pulling, breaking or twisting in your hair, they’re causing damage, often permanently.

Here are the five hair products you should toss in the garbage right now.

1. Hair Elastics

It doesn’t matter whose hair elastic it is, if you see one, you’re bound to see many strands of hair wrapped around it. It’s no wonder everyone’s hair elastic has a bunch of broken strands around it with the way they grab your hair and pull it mercilessly, straining every strand until the breaking point.

If you repeatedly pull your hair back into a tight ponytail and slap one of these locks in place, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your sensitive hairline and could cause permanent damage to it.

Hair elastics are bad enough, but they’re doubly bad if they’re the kind that connects with metal fasteners. The metal shreds hair and they can also get rusty if they get wet.

2. Barrettes

Anything that requires you putting bare metal into your hair should be avoided. The cheaper models can have sharp edges that can actually cut the hair and even the most well made barrettes will entangle hair in their clasping mechanism.

They also tend to be smaller and thus cannot hold much hair. If you try forcing too much hair into a barrette that is not designed to hold much hair, you could end up with a lot of breakage from it.

3. Bobby Pins

Again with the bare metal, bobby pins are notorious for breaking hair, especially when crisscrossed for extra hold. When inserting or taking bobby pins out, hair can be pulled or snapped off. Any bobby pins that have lost their protective plastic ends should be discarded immediately, as they can scrape your scalp.

4. Metal Headbands

Any type of headband can damage your hair, but metal ones are especially bad for it and the damage can increase if the band has a built-in comb. They put pressure on your hair, which can cause breakage or flyaways, especially while removing them.

5. Metal Combs

As with headbands, any material can damage your hair, but metal seems to be the worst culprit, as it can actually cut the hair if the metal is too sharp. Also, a lot of the cheaper metal brands can get rusty over time if they’re exposed to water.

It’s time to show these five items the bottom of the trash can. They can cause lasting damage to your hair and eventual hair loss if you use them too much. Your hair deserves so much better.

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