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Sweat-Proof Ponytails for Gym Workout

Posted by Andrew Gabbard on

Sweat-Proof Ponytails for Gym Workout

Sweatproof Ponytails for Gym

How to Sweat-Proof Ponytails For Gym Workout!

With holiday parties coming just around the corner, trying to fit in a nice sweat session can be difficult. With the sumptuous meal, sweet desserts, tempting drinks, and all the calories you’re about to eat, the more you need to make time to break a sweat and hit the gym. But amongst all the excuses you can come up to miss your workout schedule, a Netflix session or perhaps a sudden girls bonding, sweating out your hairstyle shouldn’t be one of them.

Let’s be honest, even though our aim in working out to the gym is to achieve our fitness goals, we also want to look great. But it’s not just simply about looking good either. The point is, we can pretty much perform difficult workout routines like a minute of plank, or several sets of deadlifts when our hair looks good and is out of our face. That’s how important ponytails are when hitting the gym. But a simple ponytail that easily falls the minute you get into your workout position is not enough. Don’t let sweaty and sticky hair strands to get in the way of your workout! Sweat-proof your look and make sure to rock a ponytail that stays in place, doesn’t cover your face, and won’t easily budge!

How?... Using Pony-O!

It’s time throw away and say bye bye to your hair tie because Pony-O is the ultimate solution to your messy, flat, and loosely tied gym hair. How so? Simply because Pony-O…

  • Secures your hair perfectly

  • Secured Ponytail with Pony-O

    Thanks to Pony-O’s patented design, you can create a nicely secured crease-free ponytail without using pins! Its patented design features a silicone cover with little bumps and copper core inside allowing you to create a secure grip without hurting your scalp and damaging y our hair.

  • Adds volume to your hair

  • Bouncy Ponytails with Pony-O

    End your struggle of having thin and flat ponytails with Pony-O! Pony-O is the perfect hair accessory to help you create a thicker, volumized and fuller-looking damage-free ponytails! In fact, Pony-O can help you create a 30% thicker ponytail!

  • Bends and doesn’t stretch

  • Getting yourself a Pony-O means the ultimate end to your hair tie affair. No need to waste your money by buying tons of hair tie that breaks and loses easily. You can rely and stay loyal to your Pony-O because this revolutionary hair accessory can be used a lifetime!

  • Comfortable and easy to use

  • Comfortable and easy to do ponytails

    No more complicated Youtube tutorials when using your Pony-O. Now you can easily achieve professional looking hairstyles that don’t only look good but also feel good. No more headaches, hair breakage, and scalp pain with Pony-Os superior comfort and ease of use.

    Quick and Easy Sweet-proof Ponytails for Gym Workout

    It’s true that ponytails are the quickest and easiest hairstyle to rock when hitting the gym, but hey, they don’t have to be boring. There are numerous ways to spice up your basic ponytail. Here are some simple and easy ponytails with a twist that you can achieve with Pony-O!


    High Ponytail

    Okay, I said with a twist but you see, classic high ponytail is the ultimate gym staple! It’s the perfect hairstyle to keep you cool by keeping your hair away from your face and your neck while working out and breaking a sweat. Achieve a perfectly secured high ponytail by tying your hair with Pony-O. Unlike elastic ties that fall down just after a few minutes, a high ponytail using Pony-O will stay as it is like you’ve never moved and worked out at all. You may want to add a subtle twist by teasing your hair to create a textured effect.

    Low Ponytail

    If you like to stay low, you might want to try a sleek low ponytail. Keep your hair away from your face by securing it with your trusted Pony-O. Don’t forget to apply some gel to keep strands of hair from interrupting your focus.

    Side Pony

    It never hurts to try something else. Try something new by rocking a side ponytail to the gym. This minimal change may look small but it actually creates a major impact on your look. Pull your ponytail to the side and secure your new look with your Pony-O. It will stay in place even after your workout until night!

    Pony Braid

      If you want to get fancy, braided ponytail is something you should try. Braided hairstyle is not only perfect in keeping your hair away from your face, but it’s also the best remedy for a bad frizzy hair day. All you need is your Pony-O to create a long-lasting braided hair! Start by braiding a section of your hair (regular, fishtail, or french braid, it’s all up to you!) and tying it all together with the rest of your hair using Pony-O. And that’s it. You’re all set for your workout sesh!

      There are indeed different ponytails that you can rock when hitting the gym. And we’re certain that you’d look amazing in any of them as long as it’s Pony-O secured and sweatproof! Get your own Pony-O now!

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