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Ponytails With Thick Hair Using PonyO

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Ponytails With Thick Hair Using PonyO

ponytails with thick hair

Ponytails with thick hair - using the Pony-O!

Let’s start off this blog with fifteen #relatable facts only thick hair gals would know:

  1. Half of your time in the shower is just alloted to washing your hair.
  2. Empty bottles of conditioner before shampoo.
  3. And of course, the clogged drain.
  4. If you do not blow dry your hair it’ll be damp the whole day.
  5. Speaking of blow dry, not only it will take hours, it will also feel like arm day at the gym after!
  6. Most of the times your hair brush gives up on you.
  7. The amount of hair in your brush is insane.
  8. Even hairdressers are exhausted trying to fix your tresses.
  9. On that note, no cute pinterest hairstyle for you since you’re hair is always not feeling it.
  10. Accidentally whipping your hair at your friends' faces literally feels like you just slap the heck out of ‘em.
  11. Suffocating people with your hair when you hug them.
  12. Neck sweating is a major struggle especially when summer is approaching.
  13. Speaking of summer, air is much more humid and that means frizzier hair!
  14. Also, summer is perfect for road trips but thick maned babes out there knows the struggle of having both your window and hair down simultaneously.
  15. Your alarm goes off before anyone else because you need extra time fixing your bird’s nest!


Here’s the scenario: You have extremely thick hair and you always just give up halfway through doing your hair so you just resort to putting it up in a ponytail but you’ve tried every single hair accessory available out there and not a single thing was able to hold that thick and heavy hair of yours properly for a long period of time. They either sag, give you headache or just snap because your hair is sooooo massive and weighty! It’s exasperating and not practical! Hair ties, elastics, scrunchies and clasps they’re just not mighty enough to match your mane.

It’s just a constant battle between you and your thick locks so choose your weapon wisely. In line with that, let’s talk about the Pony-O.  It’s crazy how a lot of girls are getting their hands on this life-changing hair accessory because numerous testimonials and reviews of this product are going viral. Some buy it out of impulse, some out of desperation. Based from its growing statistics of positive feedbacks, true enough the product did not disappoint.

So, how will this product change your hair game?

It won’t be gone in a snap

Pony-O bends, it doesn’t stretch. It means that you are getting better quality hair accessory that won’t waste your money. Unlike conventional hair ties that can’t stand your thick hair, Pony-O will not snap and will last for hundreds and hundreds of uses (around six hundred uses to be exact!).

Pony up with Pony-O

No more sagging and droopy ponytail. The weight of your thick hair drags your ponytail down hence limp and sad ponytails. No worries, Pony-O is here to hold your thick hair up in a ponytail all day without fixing or redoing it! Some even slept on it and their pony was still perky the next morning it’s crazy!

Thick hair deserves painless ponytails

Achieve the perfect ponytail and other cute hairstyles with maximum comfort! We can’t stand how hair ties hurt the scalp and damage your hair so we highly highly recommend the Pony-O. It’s circular shape makes it easy to take your pony out without tearing or ripping a single strand of your hair. And even if you have thick hair, Pony-O holds the weight of your locks like it’s nothing! We could only imagine how much you’ll love this product.

Zero damage, zero creases, perfect for thick manes

If you have thick hair chances are, you’re hair crease a lot from your hair ties but the Pony-O won’t give you one. You might not know it but f you put your hair up in a tight ponytail, hair ties damage your hair so much which if routinely done, may lead permanent baldness. With Pony-O, you can totally rock high ponytails without having to worry about that! No more breakage, no more split ends, no more tangled and frizzy hair just gorgeous and healthy locks!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the pony to create a basic ponytail which you can modify and spice up by adding braids and other accessories:

thick hair ponytails with ponyo

Place your index finger and your thumb in the Pony-O.

ponytails for girls with thick hair

Pull your hair through the Pony-O, keeping it close to your head.

making a ponytail with thick hair

Squash the Pony-O completely flat.

thick hair ponytail hairstyle with ponyo

Using your thumb, individually bend the corners down.

how to shape the ponyo for thick hair

To make sure that your thick hair will stay up and perky with the Pony-O, you have to keep in mind the learning curve the sharper the bend the tighter the pony will be!

And that concludes this blog, we hope that you’ll give your thick hair a break from all your hair ties and give Pony-O a try. It’s really a lifesaver especially for days when you just want to keep your mass of a hair out of your face and enjoy the day ahead! 

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