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Ponytails With Pony-O - Get Rid of Your Hair Ties!

Posted by Emmerey Sarona on

Ponytails With Pony-O - Get Rid of Your Hair Ties!

Perfect ponytails with Pony-O

Get Rid of Your Hair Ties & Achieve Healthy Ponytails With Pony-O!

Whether you’re about to go for a nice gym session, or to your daily work routine, reaching out for an elastic hair tie seem to be the quickest way to tame our hair and keep them out of our faces. In fact, this has become a habit for most of us. Little did we know that while hair ties completely seem harmless, they can actually damage your hair REALLY BAD.

Have you noticed how much hair comes along every time you undo your ponytail? And not to forget, the pain and struggle you experience every time you remove your hair tie! While there are a lot of reasons why we should stop using these monsters, completely giving up hair ties (and giving up ponytails) is an impossible option! But don’t worry, coz’ we’re here to rescue your favorite ponytails using Pony-O!

Are Traditional Hair Ties Really Bad for You Hair and Health?

Yup, most of the time. While hair ties seem to be the quickest option for a hassle free and go-to style, they pull your hair aggressively, can cause breakage and lead to complete damage. Whaaaat!? More specifically, the unnatural dents and bends in your hair are what’s causing the breakage. The more you tie your hair, most especially when they are wet and tied very tight, the more your hair gets damaged.

There is also a health condition associated with tight ponytails called “an extracranial headache”. This is said to be caused by constant excessive pulling and tugging that triggers the nerves underneath our hair follicles which then results in the development of headaches. And the number one culprit? Our favorite ponytails! More specifically, very tight ponytails.

Added to that, those hair ties you’ve used your entire life…

  • Breaks easily
  • Are very easy to misplace
  • Pulls out strands of your hair painfully
  • Very stretchable and loosens easily

End your nightmare and get rid of your hair ties! Always take good care of your crowning glory by considering health and comfort over style. How? Choose hair accessories that are smooth, and have been proven and tested safe to use like Pony-O! Say hello to Pony-O’s smooth and flexible silicone material that is guaranteed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. No more painful pulling and tugging of your hair!

Let me break down all the reasons why you should give Pony-O a try!

100% Zero Damage

What more can you ask for a hair accessory that allows you to gorgeously style your hair with no damage at all? Definitely, a dream come true! It’s the perfect time to end your relationship with your ex-favorite hair ties and create a brand new start with Pony-O! This revolutionary hair accessory is patented with an innovative design that brings no crease, and brings zero damage and breakage to your hair!

Keeps Your Ponytails Up All Day

Perky ponytails all day

Whether you’re about to hit the gym, swim in the pool, dance all day or take a long run, your ponytail is made to stay up all day by Pony-O! With Pony-O’s secure but comfortable grip, how about you say bye bye to saggy, sad, and flat ponytails? All you have to do is hold your hair up (while keeping Pony-O close to your head), flatten and squash the band, and bend both ends with your fingers. And Viola! Your voluminous ponytail is good to go!

Waterproof & Sweatproof

waterproof and sweatproof ponytails

And have we mentioned that Pony-O is waterproof and sweatproof too? No matter if you’re drenched in sweat or you’re about to splash in the water, Pony-O always got you covered! Pony-O has the strength to last all day and withstand such conditions. Rest assured that with Pony-O, you can always look good in every situation!

Designed to Provide Extreme Comfort

comfortable ponytails with Pony-O

Farewell to painful hair ties and rejoice with Pony-O’s maximum comfort! Pony-O is no doubt very gentle, lightweight, and soft that it almost feels like there’s nothing on your hair! Its comfy design makes Pony-O the perfect hair accessory for you sensitive scalps and delicate hair.  

Revolutionary Patented Design

Pony-O boasts its innovative patented design that provides us with the most comfortable and secured hairstyles we can ever get! Pony-O’s silicone cover is designed with little bumps that interlock when flattened, giving you the perfect ponytail that requires no pulling or tugging. Plus, no crease, no split ends, zero breakage and no damage at all! This revolutionary design gives us endless possibilities of gorgeous hairstyles perfect to all hair lengths and types. So whether you have long or short, and straight or curly hair, Pony-O always got your back!

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