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Ponytails That Don't Pull Your Hair Out

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Ponytails That Don't Pull Your Hair Out

ponytails dont pull your hair out

How to make ponytails that don't pull your hair out!

Ponytails are versatile, convenient and it never go out of style. But it all becomes a chore when we think of the dreadful process of removing that cute little ponytail! How many times have you taken your hair out of a ponytail, only to cringe at just how much of your precious hair came out with it? A total nightmare! Here are the reasons why the Pony-O is the ONLY hair accessory you will ever need to pull you out of your hair horror story.

Say goodbye to your ex-friends, The Elastics.

As much as we find them useful in the past, we still need to leave them behind. Here’s why:

  •      They snap almost instantly.
  •      They stretch and become loose in a short span of time.
  •      They tend to be misplaced so easily.
  •      They are too hard on your hair.
  •      They are painful to remove off of your hair.
  •      They snag hair and pull strands out with it.

These products pull your hair so much! And soon enough you might find yourself with traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by wearing hairstyles that pull on your scalp. Here's a brief explanation: Your hair grows out from hair follicles that is anchored deeply in your scalp. If your hair is constantly being pulled, the roots work loose from the follicles, and the hair strands start falling out faster than they normally would and causes hair loss. Never use elastics unless you don’t care about damage where the base of the ponytail sits. Elastics will rip, pull and damage strands.

ponytails that dont pull my hair out

Good thing we found the answer to skip the regret after doing a perky and perfect ponytail! The Pony-O has a soft flexible core so it comes out of your hair easily without tugging and hurting. You don’t need to pull it tight because it is immediately tight upon wearing and it stays longer than any other hair ties (or anyone) ever did.

Wet hair, More care

Yes sis, we are all guilty of putting our hair in a ponytail after a shower just because we want to look presentable in the easiest way possible. What’s worse is the fact that we were using elastics in the process. Talk about double damage!

Studies show that our hair is at its weakest when it’s in wet form. Why? Because your hair strands are more dense with water. If you can find other ways of keeping it out of your face while it dries, your hair would say “Thank you!” But if you really have to keep your locks tied in place, the Pony-O is waterproof so it’s great for wet hair and it doesn’t pull your hair, too!

Sleeping with a ponytail

Pulling your hair all day by using conventional hair ties is already damaging your follicles, but sleeping with a ponytail is a total disaster! Imagine the pressure it’s putting on your hair while you’re rolling, tossing, turning (maybe even tumbling) on your bed at night.  Your best bet is to keep your hair down while sleeping and give your hair a break from all the styling. Need to get up early? Say no more! Pony-O got you, sister! you can tame the messy morning hair in seconds by using Pony-O! Start your day right. Give yourself a favor and avoid pulling, battling, struggling with your hair in the morning.

Elastics on the same spot, every time (Please, get tired)

Do you know that tying your hair using elastics on the same place over and over again might cause damage to a patch of your hair follicle? That’s a fact!  So if you don’t want to have bald patches, you might want to change your hairstyle on a regular. But if you’re really a fan of ponytails, then you can simply use the Pony-O. Why? Because with Pony-O, you don’t have to pull your hair tight to make it stay in place. Aside from that, you can create different hairstyles with the Pony-O that will glam you up in an instant!

Here are the reasons why Pony-O is a must for a perfect and yes, healthy (for your hair and scalp) ponytail:

It was made to make you feel comfortable

comfortable ponytail

Pony-O is a milestone in the history of ponytails and in the beauty industry because unlike the ancient times, you can now create a beautiful ponytail with ZERO damage EVERY time!

The inventor of Pony-O, Nicol, wanted to create something that will give comfort and beauty all rolled in one. That’s the reason why Pony-o’s revolutionary, patented design gives your hair a perfect perky lift in seconds without hurting yourself! The silicone cover that has bumps on it and the copper core on the inside is what grips the hair tight without hurting your scalp.

Ponytails will stay and won't stray

Let’s admit it, the main reason why we keep our ponytails real tight in the first place is because we wanted the ponytails to stay in place for as long as it could, right? But we end up having headaches, hair loss and breakage in the process. Pony-O will definitely keep your ponytails beautifully in place without the damage and headache!

Removing a pony doesn't mean pulling a dozen of hair

Removing your ponytail doesn’t need to be painful. With Pony-O, you don’t have to pull your hair out when you remove it. All you have to do is unbend the corners of the Pony-O and it comes out of your hair easily! No hair horror story or creasing!

It makes everything better

  •      Pony-O makes hair look thicker and bouncier

  •      It is suitable for all hair types

  •      It is designed to last for a hundreds and hundreds of uses

  •      It has the strength to hold all day

  •      It is perfect for your sensitive scalp

So in conclusion, you know that you found the right hair accessory when it keeps your hair in place without pulling and damaging your hair.

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