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Ponytails For Yoga

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

Ponytails For Yoga

Ponytails for Yoga

How To Ponytail Your Hair For Your Next Yoga Session

After a tiring day of office work, babysitting, decluttering, or whatever it is that seemed never-ending, you’ll surely want to distress and take a break. And this is when yoga perfectly comes in. Yoga is not only beneficial in helping you shed the extra fats you gained but it also helps bring balance to the body. Yoga is very effective in strengthening your mind, weak muscles, and in calming your body. And what’s even better? It helps you de-stress and relax!

However, did you know that many of us girls mostly miss our daily yoga routine because we hate messing up our hair? Sounds weird but it’s true.

But fear not! No more bad hair days that stops you from nailing your next yoga sessions. Don’t let your hair stop you from getting your yoga mat and hindering you from performing your yoga routines. Keep your health and hair on top condition by putting them up in ponytails using Pony-O!

Your Yoga Routines With Pony-O

Yoga is not for the faint-hearted. Although it helps you be at peace in mind, body, and soul, yoga routines can be intense. You wouldn’t want your hair from falling off on your face while doing your downward facing dogs right? You would need a hairstyle that will not distract you from perfecting your poses and keeping your mind to focus. Fortunately, ponytails are here to rescue you!

But we’re not talking about traditional saggy and loose ponytails using your conventional hair ties. You need a ponytail that’s not only cute but a ponytail that will not easily fall and can hold your hair perfectly in place from start to finish of your yoga session. In short, you need a ponytail using Pony-O!


Pony-O features a revolutionary patented design made of high-grade silicone with tiny bubble textures that prevent your hair from creasing. Not only that, but Pony-O is also designed to grip your hair securely. So secure that it won’t come off even after the most intense yoga poses! All hail a ponytail that is sweatproof and waterproof. No need for constant hair retouch in the middle of your intense yoga workout!

It Gives Your Hair TLC

With its revolutionary design, Pony-O can give your hair the Tender-Loving-Care it needs. The kind of TLC you can never experience with your usual go-to hair ties. Pony-O is damage-free, breakage-free, and it won’t rip off your hair! You won’t also need to experience the “ponytail headache” with Pony-O. So say goodbye to your usual hair ties and say hello to healthier ponytails with Pony-O!

Ponytails On Fleek

Pony-O is not like your ordinary hair accessory. Our revolutionary Pony-O can add up to 30% more volume to your hair. So if you’re born with fine coarse hair, Pony-O is the solution to your thin hair dilemma. Gone are the days when you suffer from having flat and lifeless ponytails. Achieve a voluminous ponytail without using damaging hair sprays, hassle hair extensions, etc. With only Pony-O, you’ll get a ponytail that looks like you got it done from an expensive salon!

How To Achieve The Perfect Ponytails For Yoga

Pony-O is very easy to use. So easy that you only need to follow three simple steps!

How To Pony-O-tail

  1. Gather and pull your hair through Pony-O.
  2. Squeeze and flatten Pony-O to grip your hair securely in place.
  3. Lastly, bend each end to create the perfect ponytail.

Cute Ponytails For Yoga

Look and feel great while performing your go-to yoga poses with these easy to do yoga hairstyles.

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is the best way to go if you like to go for a sleek and simple look that can help you perform the best yoga poses. It’s perfect for when you’re flat on your yoga mat and all other yoga poses on your workout routine. Simply get Pony-O out of your bag, pull out your hair, and you’re all set!

High Ponytail

High Ponytail for Yoga

If you like to stand out and look extra perky while planking on your yoga mat, then sky-high ponytails are the hairstyle for you. With Pony-O’s volumizing effect, you’ll easily achieve high ponytails with a breeze!

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail For Yoga

But if you like to add a unique twist, bubble ponytail is the perfect style for you. You can either choose to have it high or low. Then simply tie your hair with Pony-O a couple of times (till you like it) with approximately a few inches apart.

There are certainly different yoga hairdos you can pull off. But if you’re looking for the perfect hairstyles that are convenient and are easy to make, then we’ve just laid them out for you. Hope that helps!

So don’t ever let your hair stop you from doing your yoga poses perfectly! Relax, destress, and achieve a healthy glow by regularly committing to yoga with a Pony-O perfect ponytail! Get your own Pony-O here!

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