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Ponytails For Long Hair Both Thick and Thin

Posted by Emmerey Sarona on

Ponytails For Long Hair Both Thick and Thin

Ponytail For Thin Hair

Achieve The Perfect Ponytails for Long Hair- Through Thick & Thin!

Ponytails are coming back with a bang! And what’s not to love? Ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles that have withstand the test of time and trends. With its fast and easy to do style, no wonder why it captured the hearts of many girls and have stayed in trend for such a long time. But it's not only because of its simple and young-looking vibe why girls could never stop rocking the hairstyle, but it's also because of how effective it is in keeping our long hair tamed most especially in hot summer days.

Whether you have a thick or thin coarse hair, you can always rock the all-time favorite ponytail with your long hair. How? Read on!

Thin Vs Thick

The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” applies very true when we talk about hair. Those with thick hair always envy girls with thin hair, and on the other hand, those with thinner locks wish their hair are thicker and have more volume. We simply always want what we don’t have, not knowing what goes behind closed doors.

While both hair types are gorgeous on their own way, having a thick or thin hair have their corresponding problems. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

Ponytail Problems With Thick Hair

While thick hair has the great advantage of having naturally fuller and livelier hair (meaning... there’s no need for expensive volumizing sprays and damaging teasing method!), there are also numerous dilemma with having thick hair that only girls with healthy thick hair can relate like the following:

  • The amount of shampoo and hair conditioning products you need!
  • Spending most of your time washing your hair when taking a bath
  • It takes a day to dry your hair if not blow dried
  • The arm cramp you get in blow drying and combing your hair
  • Spending ca$$$h to rebond and treat your untamable locks!
  • When hair ties and pins are too weak for your hair
  • And the pain when your hair tie breaks while trying to fix your hair!
  • Falling flat and saggy hair that needs constant touch up
  • Bad hair days on summer due to frizzy hair!
  • And the list goes on…!

The Thin Hair Dilemma

On the other side of the fence, having fine hair means spending little time in managing your hair. Added to that, you’ll never get to experience the struggle of wearing out your arms just to tie a simple ponytail on top of your head. And not to mention, you can save your cash because you won’t be needing too much hair products!

But like having thick hair, girls with fine hair also struggle with styling and managing their locks. In fact, a simple ponytail is difficult to achieve if you have thin hair. Other problems fine hair girls encounter are the following:

  • Flat-looking hairstyles due to lack of volume
  • The need for hair sprays and other volumizing products
  • Using conditioner can only make your hair greasy
  • Keeping your ponytail up is a struggle
  • Hair curlers are useless because your hair will flat again just an hour after
  • The struggle to not to tug and pull your hair tightly because your hair is prone to breakage

Surely,  there are pros and cons with having either thick or thin hair. But one thing is for sure, having a long hair means the perfect opportunity to rock the classic ponytail! Whether you have thin or thick hair, you can style your long hair however you want with Pony-O!

30% Fuller Ponytails

Ponytail for Thick Hair

Good news for girls with fine hair! Pony-O’s innovative design can make fuller and livelier ponytails. The key to Pony-O’s superb volumizing effect is mastering the art of bending its soft silicone material. The wider the bend, the thicker and fuller it looks. Surely, Pony-O is the ultimate solution to your thin hair dilemma!

As for girls with thick hair, no problem! The fuller the better. Ponytails look best when they’re perky and lively!

Stays Up All Day To Night

Ponytail That Stays Up All Day To Night

For girls struggling to keep their ponytails in place, especially girls with heavy thick hair, Pony-O’s secure but gentle grip is all you need! As easy as one, two, three, you’ll get the perfect ponytail of your dreams from day up to night!

Your Hair Deserves Pain-free Ponytails

Damage Free Ponytail with Pony-O

Time to end the struggle and pain in achieving the gorgeous ponytails you see over Pinterest. No more excessive pulling and tugging that results to pain and headaches. Get the cutest ponytails comfortably using Pony-O! Pony-O’s patented design was created to deliver maximum comfort with no damage, breakage, and ripping off a single strand of your precious hair. , your hair deserves the best care from the best hair accessory, that is, Pony-O!

Ponytail Styles For Thin & Thick Long Hair

Pony-O’s revolutionary design truly gives endless possibilities. In fact, when it comes to ponytails, whether you have thin or thick hair, you can certainly rock the ponytail of your dreams with Pony-O!  Half-up ponytail, classic high ponytail, or even fohawk braided ponytail, you can style your hair with Pony-O!

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