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Ponytails for Kids

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Ponytails for Kids

perfect ponytail for kids

Create ponytails that kids will love using the Pony-O!

Kids hair can be fun to play around with or crazy to manage, there is really nothing in between. If you are a parent, pretty sure you can relate to the struggle of having a really busy morning and your daughter keeps on whining about her hair before going to school. You probably resorted in putting those tresses in a ponytail because it’s easier and more convenient, right? It may also be another scenario like you have to keep your daughter’s hair out of her face and you don’t know much about hairstyles but a basic ponytail so that’s what you opt to do every single day. Props to you for trying however we regret to break it up to you that you may have to think twice before reaching for those hair ties!  

Ponytail too tight for your kid? it’s probably not right

It sure looks like the ponytail is the best handy dandy hairstyle for kids if you want to tame their mane but hold your horses because this habit, if not done in the right way, can actually lead to bigger issues. Sad to say, using hair ties to make ponytails for kids actually damages their crowning glory. Here’s why most of the time they don’t want you to put their hair up and cry out in pain when you take their hair out of the ponytail:

  • Too much pulling to create a tight ponytail yanks on their hair harming your little one’s sensitive hairline.
  • Wearing your angel’s hair in any tight hairstyle may lead to a condition called traction alopecia resulting to a receding hairline.
  • Wearing your kid’s ponytail in the same place daily may cause balding in that spot.

No to pain just cute ponytails for your kids

Does your child complain about having headaches? Oh boy, those elastic hair ties may also be the culprit. What causes this discomfort?

  • Excessive tugging of the hair
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Wrong hair accessories
  • Sensitive scalp
  • Inflammation form the blood vessels of the scalp

Too much pulling and yanking your child’s hair to put it into a cute, tight ponytail using the wrong hair accessory may cause pain to your child’s delicate scalp as it irritates the sensory nerves of the head. When kids are in pain, they tend to be grumpy and easily annoyed and that is also a major problem. Stop their ‘ouchies’! Make sure you read till the end to find out how to ease their pain.

While baby is asleep, the hair ties creep

Did you know that tying your child’s hair into a ponytail using an elastic hair tie is most harmful and damaging when they are sleeping? The reason for this is because most kids have the tendency to toss and turn around more when they are in deep slumber hence more pressure is added in the roots and shafts of their hair.

Be wise, drop the hair ties

Still not convinced to drop those hair ties? Well, here is the deal breaker. Take note that if your child always have their hair up in a tight pony using damaging hair accessories specifically elastics, there is a huge chance of fraying especially when the ponytail is always placed at the same spot which can result to a much worse problem— permanent hair loss. Who would have thought that a simple ponytail could be so complicated?!

How to properly make ponytails for your kids

With all that said, we are in no way implying that it’s wrong to keep hair out of their face, what we are suggesting is that there is actually a better and safer way to make ponytails for kids. Instead of using damaging hair ties that tend to get loose and break overtime and hair clips that break easily, invest in gentle yet good quality hair accessories. Have the peace of mind knowing that your child is safe from all the hair horrors with Pony-O Hair Accessories!

Pony-O boasts of its products that provide comfort and security to your child’s lovely locks. Its hair accessories are easy to use and they stay tight and comfortable all day in any hair type. We are not playing around when we say that it is damage and crease free because there’s no constriction on your ponytail!

ponytail hairstyles for kids

Pony-O paves way for easy, hassle-free ponytails for kids who have thin, thick or curly hair! Your kids can now easily do basic ponytails together with a whole bunch of other fun and creative hairstyles for school using the kid-friendly Pony-O on their own (Yes, by themselves! Talk about stress-free mornings!).

Pony-O tightly holds thick and curly hair providing maximum comfort without the heavy weight which often hurts the scalp unlike elastic hair ties.

perfect pony for kids

It provides instant volume to those who have thin and straight hair making the hair look thicker and perkier in an instant.

best ponytail for kids

The hairstyles that you could create with this hair accessory is limitless, you can go crazy and creative with it. Pony-O is really the only hair accessory that you need!

Cute and kid-friendly ponytails

We put together some that will definitely amp you child’s hair game:

The half ponytail

  • Section your hair from the ears bringing it up at the desired height.
  • Take your Pony-O and pull your hair through it.
  • Squash the band flat.
  • Bend the sides of the Pony-O to secure the hair.

Learn how to make half ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

The top ponytail

  • Take a small section of your hair directly from the top of the head.
  • Take your Pony-O and pull your hair through it.
  • Squash the band flat.
  • Bend the sides of the Pony-O to secure the hair.
  • Take a piece of your hair from under the ponytail and wrap it around the Pony-O.

Learn how to make a top ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

The butterfly ponytail

  • Gather your hair up in a high ponytail.
  • Take your Pony-O and pull your hair through it.
  • Squash the band flat.
  • Slide the band back. (approximately three fingers from your head)
  • Press the ends down with your thumbs.
  • Gently dig a hole in your hair between the head and the band.
  • Fold the hole open.
  • Using four fingers, flip the Pony-O up and through the hole first and then pull your hair through afterwards.

Learn how to make a butterfly ponytail using Pony-O by clicking here!

If your little one is feeling a bit more chic and wants to make a statement definitely check out Designer Pony-O and Bling Ringz which will definitely make her stand out. Here’s why your kids will love them:

  • Provides nothing but comfort and ease
  • Perfect for if they are feeling a bit fancy
  • Will take their ponytail and updos to the next level
  • Stunning designs and details
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Trendy and elegant

If she’s not feeling the whole ponytail thing, don’t worry about it because the Bun Barz got your back. Try Bun Barz if you want to:

  • Skip ponytails for a day
  • Best looking bun
  • Holds the bun in place all day long
  • Minimal effort required

It also provides the same comfort like the Pony O. So throw the hair ties and bobby pins aside because Pony-O’s Bun Barz is the best and easiest way to go to achieve that lovely bun. There is no way you could mess this up.

Without a doubt, Pony-O is the perfect hair accessory to achieve the ideal ponytails for kids. It is revolutionary and different from any other hair accessory that you see in stores today. Rest assured that with Pony-O’s patented design, you will never have to worry about damaging your child’s hair again! Say your goodbyes to your kid’s hair ties and say hello to Pony-O!

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