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Pony-O Benefits Over Hair Ties and ElasticsAs The Best Hair Accessory

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Pony-O Benefits Over Hair Ties and ElasticsAs The Best Hair Accessory

ponytail hairstyles that girls love

The many benefits of using Pony-O over hair ties, elastics, rubber bands

Here’s a story of how the only accessory you need (aka. Pony-O) was created.

Having tender and sensitive scalp, Nicol Harvie, the inventor of Pony-O, thought of making a hair accessory that’s like no other conventional hair tie. She wanted something that would stay in and hold her hair up which doesn’t need adjusting every five minutes, something that would not rip her hair out and is comfortable enough that it feels good and light on the hair. Lo and behold the Pony-O! And ever since then, it has been taking over the hair industry. Everybody just loves it, even hair professionals are gushing over it!

Alright, end of story time! Let us go into the details now, shall we? Here’s 10 hair changing benefits of Pony-O that will have you sold on it:

1. The Pony-O is an investment

Hair ties have this habit of magically disappearing, we will never know what happened to them but let’s just hope they would be gone for good and would stop damaging people’s hair. We get it, they’re cheap so you probably don’t mind losing hundreds of them but buying packs of hair ties every now and then is not really a practical thing to do. Here’s a tip, invest on good quality hair accessory *cough* Pony-O *cough* that is totally worth the money. You might not want to lose it because you paid good money for it plus it’s far out that you’d lose your Pony-O because of its unique form. It’s totally worth it!

cute ponytails with hair extensions

2. It's user-friendly

Tired of twisting those hair ties for who knows how many times just to have tight ponytails? There’s no need for that with Pony-O, talk about convenience!  

All you have to do with this hair accessory is pull your hair through the Pony-O, squash the band flat and bend the sides individually. Voila! Perfect looking ponytail in seconds!

user friendly hairstyles and ponytails

3. The benefit of style and security

Not only Pony-O can give you secured ponytails that will hold up all day, it’s also a more fashionable take on your usual, boring hair ties. Pony-O comes in hair blending colors and if you want to take your ponytails to the next level, be extra fab with the Designer Pony-O and Bling Ringz! You can make a statement with Designer Pony-O’s aesthetically pleasing patterns! The magnetic Bling Ringz, on the other hand, will instantly make your ponytails pop!

ponytails for girls with long hair

4. Perkier ponytail is a perk

We are so happy for our girls out there who have fine hair because finally, you can have the thick ponytail that you’ve always wanted without all the hassle of teasing your hair and stacking up your pony! We guarantee you that with Pony-O, you’ll achieve 30% thicker ponytail. Fuller, perkier and more voluminous hair in under a minute is now possible with Pony-O!


5. Zero damage is a major bonus

Any better hair news than knowing that your hair accessory is damage free? Totally a wish come true! It’s about time to breakaway from the pain of yesterday’s hair accessories and tools. No more breakage, no more split ends, no more tangled and frizzy hair just gorgeous and healthy locks!

fun hairstyles for every hair type

6. Mind-blowing benefit: it doesn't crease!

One of the many downsides of hair elastics is creasing. Swap your traditional hairpiece with the Pony-O and cheerio to the crease when you take your hair out of your ponytail. Pony-O’s unique design comes with little bumps on its silicone cover. These bumps interlock when you flatten the band hence there is no creasing. Talk about revolutionary!

ponyo makes beautiful ponytails with no crease

7. Universal hair accessory

Aside from the fact that Pony-O doesn’t disappoint, it doesn’t discriminate as well. Your hair type won’t be a problem because your Pony-O will still give you the best looking ponytail even if you have thick, thin, fine or curly hair! So try Pony-O and give this well-rounded hair accessory the recognition it deserves!

why ponyo is better than hair ties

8. Waterproof and sweat proof

Whether you’re a gym instructor or a lifeguard, we understand that certain lifestyles include sweating and dealing with water that’s why Pony-O is designed to stand such conditions. Thanks to Pony-O, you can know face water and sweat in style!

best hairstyles for yoga

9. Designed to last hundreds of uses

If you are over with hair ties that are prone to breaking and snapping, you might want to dispose them for good. Try something that will last you a good amount of time for a good deal! Just a heads up, you’ll be able to get hundreds of uses out of a single Pony-O. Such a steal!

ponytail holder lots of hundreds of uses

10. Provides maximum comfort

Bid your painful ponytails goodbye because Pony-O is sooo gentle it feels like there’s nothing on your hair! Your little ones will love it and so will your sensitive scalp! Make sure to grab a hold of this holy grail hair accessory and surely, days of ripping your hair out when taking them out of ponytails will be over!

the most comfortable ponytail

Always look out for your hair because at the end of the day, your crowning glory is still one of your best assets. Having a good hair accessory is a smart solution to your mane problems as it saves you so much time and effort!


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