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How To Prevent Ponytails From Sagging

Posted by CJ Yjares on

How To Prevent Ponytails From Sagging

How To Prevent Your Ponytail From Sagging ....And Make A Perfect Perky Pony!

No more bobby pin and hair tie tricks to keep your precious ponytail from drooping. Don’t let your favorite hairdo hinder you from doing activities that you love. Make the most out of your day and keep your ponytail intact from morning till night using this revolutionary hair piece. This article will teach you how to prevent your swing updo from sagging using Pony-O, the only hair accessory that you need!

The struggle of saggy ponytail is real

Taming our wild mane is a daily battle we have to win. When our hair is all over the place, so are we. Here’s what messy hair does to us:

  • It won’t let us focus on what we are doing
  • It makes us irritable and easily annoyed
  • It takes too much of our time trying to make it look presentable
  • It makes us insecure of how we look

It’s just a major hair struggle that’s why we play around with it with make it look at least, well, decent. However, who are we kidding? Most of the times we go, “Eh- whatever” and just put it up in a pony which pretty much becomes limp in the middle of the day. Saggy ponytails? Well, we got good news for you! We found the solution to this problem and it may sound too good to be true but it’s real, it’s proven and tested Pony-O will hold your ponytail upright all day no matter what activity you are engaged in!

The durability test

From players to gym rats, people who have active lifestyles can attest to Pony-O’s ability to hold their ponytail tight and firmly in place without:

  • Sagging or being too loose
  • Hurting their head
  • Tearing their hair out when taking it out of the ponytail
  • Fixing or re-doing their ponytail every now and then

If Pony-O can hold athletes and bodybuilders’ ponytails who moves around a lot, it can certainly hold yours! Anything that your life brings, Pony-O will give you the comfort and the style you’ve been searching for. It is perfect for every lifestyle whether you’re going for a swim or training in the gym, you can now look sleek and clean in a ponytail with Pony-O.

Be stylish with a non-sagging pony

You don’t have to wake up extra early or call your hairstylist to achieve a flawless looking ponytail because you can now create one instantly by using Pony-O! Did we mention that it straight off adds volume in your ponytail too? Don’t know ‘bout you but this factor have us in awe! It also means that you don’t need any volume-building ‘hacks’ (which, admit it, don’t work most of the time) anymore. Everybody wants a little oomph in their pony, so that’s a major plus. Look effortlessly cute while rocking a stylish voluminous ponytails from now on with Pony-O!

Beauty is pain (not with your hair)

You don’t have to live by with the mantra articulating that beauty is pain. We know you’ve tried everything you can to keep that ponytail tight and perky to the point wherein you have to endure the pain just to make it stay up. Putting your hair in a ponytail with traditional hair ties rips your hair out and causes so much headache plus it takes a lot of time. Experience none of those when you switch to Pony-O! It feels like nothing on your hair so it’s perfect for your sensitive scalp. It will also work for your little one’s delicate hairline. They can now play around all day in comfort  without their hair falling down their face and neck!


Now let us move on to the much awaited part of this blog, here’s how to prevent your ponytails from sagging:


Shaping the Pony-O properly, together with its silicone cover, is what holds the hair and is the key to achieve a secure ponytail. So it’s really just about putting your Pony-O correctly, no other crazy hair crap needed. It’s so easy that by the end of this blog, you will be able to do ponytails like a pro! You might want to learn how it’s done so here’s the right way to do it:


make a ponytail that doesn't sag

Place your index finger and your thumb in the Pony-O.

applying the ponyo for a ponytail that doesn't droop

Pull your hair through the Pony-O, keeping it close to your head.

make a ponytail that stays all day

Squash the Pony-O completely flat.

how to make a ponytail not sag

Using your thumb, individually bend the corners down.

stop your pony from falling

Pony-O hack: There’s only one thing to keep in mind if you want to keep your ponytail 24/7it’s all about the bend! The sharper the bend the tighter the pony!

Toodle-oo, saggy and sad ponytails that you put a lot of work in. Here’s to an effortless ponytail with Pony-O that will never fail you! It’s all you’ve ever wanted in a ponytail— secured, stylish, comfortable, perky and voluminous! You can get your perfect perky pony here, and say "Bye Bye, Hairtie!"

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