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How To Ponytail Short Hair

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

How To Ponytail Short Hair

How to ponytail short hair

Slay The Ponytail Game Even With Your Short Hair!

Short hair is always chic and for some reasons, it has always been associated with bravery and bold personality. Because hey, it takes a lot of courage to chop off a chunk of our hair!

But while short hair never fails to stun us with their statement look, and at the same time, light and comfortable aura, it can also be pretty difficult to style. Wearing them down is always the go-to look but it can appear boring at times if you don’t spice things up. Don’t you think it’s time to go out of your box and experiment your short hair? Just because you have short strands and they can seem hard to style doesn’t always mean that it’s not possible. And just because your locks barely reach your shoulders doesn’t mean you can’t style it up and have fun playing with hairstyles like a simple ponytail!

If you feel the need to change up your hairstyle into a ponytail but don’t know how because of your short hair, well, we’ve you all covered! Time to toss your short hair up into a cute and gorgeous looking ponytail!

Ponytails For Short Hair

For girls with short locks, we know how proud you are with your hair length and look. But there’s nothing to lose if you try other hairstyles like a gorgeous ponytail right?

Hot weather even though it’s not summer calls for an airy and comfortable hairstyle. And your short hair is just the perfect length for the rising climate change! But to make it more exciting, why not pull them up into a ponytail? That way, you keep your hair out of your face while running errands, working out in the gym, dancing, and other important activities!

But tossing your hair up is not always easy as it may seem when your hair length is short though.

  • There’s always that annoying strands of hair that always fall off from your hair tie
  • Your ponytails always end up looking flat and lifeless
  • And they don’t look cute in a ponytail at all!

Don’t worry, we understand all those struggles of putting your short hair up in a ponytail. And we’re here to help you create the perfect full, high, or half up ponytails that you’ve been dying to try with your short hair using our revolutionary hair accessory, Pony-O!

Why Choose Pony-O

Pony-O doesn’t discriminate. Whether you have short, long, straight, or curly hair, Pony-O can toss them up into gorgeous hairstyles you’ve never seen before! This revolutionary hair accessory doesn’t only look unique but also works incredibly amazing! There are no words to explain how cool and functional it is. If it’s your first time hearing about out Pony-O, you might want to consider getting one because…

It Gives You That Poof

Bid farewell to your sad and flat ponytails with Pony-O! Gone are the days where you keep buying expensive hair sprays to give your short strands the boost they need. Pony-O can instantly give you that poof in less than a minute! No bobby pins, texturizing spray, and hair extensions. Just Pony-O!

You Got It All Secured

Rest assured that your short locks are kept high and secured with Pony-O. No matter what you do or where you go, Pony-O will keep your hair up and in place looking amazing all day long! So dance like it’s your last, sweat like you’ve eaten lots of carbs, and mingle with other people without the need to retouch your hair!

It Works Like Magic

Pony-O’s unique and patented design works incredibly amazing like magic! It gives you a fuller looking and secured ponytail in just a blink of an eye! Literally, in less than a minute, you’ll achieve the perfect ponytail for you short hair without the need to pull and tug your hair in the process of putting up your ponytail. Thumbs up for Pony-O’s damage and crease-free ponytails!

How To Ponytail Your Short Hair With Pony-O

Say goodbye to falling strands with your regular hair ties. With Pony-O’s secured but damage-free grip can keep all your hair up nicely from day to night. Here’s how you can gorgeously slay a ponytail with your short hair.

How to ponytail your short hair

1. Gently brush your hair before gathering them up and slipping them through Pony-O.

How to create ponytail for short hair
2. Grip and squash Pony-O to keep your hair secured all day!

The perfect ponytail for short hair
3. Bend each end to create fuller looking ponytails.

4. And you’re all done!

Literally, all you need is a minute and Pony-O and you get an amazing ponytail that can uplift the look of your short hair! If you’re more comfortable with short hair, then rock it! No need to grow your hair just to be able to slay a ponytail. Confidently flaunt your short hair in a ponytail with Pony-O!

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