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How To Make The Perfect Ponytail

Posted by CJ Yjares on

How To Make The Perfect Ponytail

the perfect ponytail

How To Make The Perfect Ponytail With Pony-O!

It can be totally frustrating when your hair is all over the place and you are trying to focus on what you are doing. Whether you are a student, a career woman or the athletic type, we pretty much experience the same thing at one point in the day when hair gets in our way hence we always count on to our ponytails to save the day, that’s for sure.

It is easily the perfect quick fix for our hair. Crazy morning hair? Tangled curls? Unruly mop of locks? Two or maybe three-day old hair? Pony it up. It’s official via unanimous decision that ponytails are truly the real MVP!

Unlike popular belief that perfection doesn’t exist, it actually does (well maybe just for this matter). Don’t we all agree that having the perfect ponytail is such a dream?

Make that dream come true because perfection can now be in your hands through Pony-O! With this revolutionary hair accessory, no matter what your hair type is, you can now have the perfect looking ponytail minus all the complicated stuff when you’re using regular hair tools and accessories. Banish them all because we will teach you how to do the perfect ponytail with only a single hair accessory!

Wear the perfect ponytail even with fine hair

First things first, here’s a short hair quiz for you to take:

  • Does your ponytail look thin and flat?
  • Do you backcomb your hair to lift your roots and have more voluminous mane?
  • How about blow-drying your hair upside down?
  • Do you stack up your ponytails to make it look fuller?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, without a doubt, you’re part of the fine hair gang! Having fine hair is all fun and games until you have to style it and it won’t stay in place and keeps on sliding down that even hairspray can’t fix it. Done with stacking up damaging elastic hair ties and still get awful ponytail that doesn’t even hold up? Make elastics a thing of the past.

making a perfect pony

Save yourself from all the pain and stress of dull, lifeless and limp ponytails with Pony-O. It holds your hair up all the day so you don’t have to worry about drooping ponytails.

You know what’s the best part?

It can be done in under a minute! No more waking up 10 minutes earlier to make a decent looking ponytail? Hitting that snooze button for five more times? Yes please!

Get it on fleek even when it’s thick.

Here’s a list of thick hair problems:

  • Hair tie snapping out of nowhere.
  • No hair tie works for that crazy mane.
  • Headaches due to your hair’s weight.
  • Styling it will take you a lifetime.

You know what they say, the thicker the hair, the bigger the problem. Although girls with thick and curly hair are blessed with voluminous tresses, it comes with a much greater struggle.

Let’s talk about hair ties breaking; there’s nothing more annoying than that!

You might think that it’s not a big deal because you can always just use another hair tie and spend too much time trying to make your ponytail presentable again. Here’s the thing, why bother to go through all of that when you can actually achieve the perfect ponytail using one hair accessory?

Pony-O is designed to last hundreds of uses so you don’t have to worry about breaking and losing your hair ties and pins anymore plus don’t give up in putting that hair into a ponytail because Pony-O will do the work for you. Pony-O got you through thick and thin!

ponytails that stay perky all day

Having thick locks make your ponytail sag because of its weight. Are you tired of the heavy load on top of your head when wearing your hair up in a ponytail? Pony-O provides maximum comfort making your hair feel weightless. It holds thick and heavy hair in place all day long so you won’t have to worry about your ponytail being loose and saggy out of nowhere. Did we mention that Pony-O is damage and crease free? Swoon!

Getting the perfect ponytail is easier said than done. Here’s a three-step guide in achieving one:


Step 1: Pull your hair through the Pony-O, making sure to keep it close to your head.

make a high perfect pony


Step 2: Flatten and squeeze the Pony-O to hold your hair in place.

ponytails that look perfect and perky


Step 3: By using your thumb, individually bend the sides of the Pony-O to secure your ponytail.

how to make the perfect ponytail


Can’t keep up? Click here to watch a short video showing how you can easily do perfect ponytails with Pony-O.

Also, Pony-O doesn’t just give you the perfect ponytail, it also offers a lot of other easy yet beautiful hairstyles. Click here to see some hairstyle video tutorials that you can recreate using the Pony-O.


When the perfect ponytail is not enough.

If there’s such a thing as taking perfect ponytail to the next level, this might be it. If you are the type who likes to add embellishments to your hairstyles, you might want to add these bad boys to your collection. You can now make your ponytails pop by dressing it up using the Designer Pony-O and Bling Ringz:

  • Designer Pony-O offers beautiful printed designs to add more accent and make your ponytail eye-catching. We are certain that this one will never go out of style.
  • Bling Ringz, on the other hand, is the ultimate show stopper! It is magnetic which makes it easy to apply over your Pony-O. It instantly gives your ponytail elegant and dazzling vibe! It is so gorgeous that you can even rock it as a bracelet.
  • A clever way to make a hair accessory so useful and fashionable at the same time.

Unlike traditional and cheap hair ties that snaps easily and damages your hair, Pony-O embraces all types of hair while taking good care of it. It is proven and tested that:

  • You can rock this hair accessory with whatever hair length you have; short, medium or long hair, Pony-O won’t let you down.
  • Does not matter whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair because Pony-O got you covered, sis!
  • Pony-O is waterproof and sweatproof so whatever your lifestyle is, go out there with confidence knowing that you can seize the day with style, security and comfort that every girl dreams of by using the Pony-O!

We repeat, this is not a drill! You can now give the volume and lift that your ponytail craves. Experience having the perfect ponytail firsthand with Pony-O. Get yours here!


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