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How to Give Ponytails Volume

Posted by Andrew Gabbard on

How to Give Ponytails Volume

Perfect ponytails

Helpful Tips on How to Give Your Ponytails The Volume It Needs!

We always think of ponytails as the go-to hairstyle when we’re feeling lazy, running out of time, or when we’re working out, and running errands. But with some easy tricks and tweaks, a simple ponytail can be a special look that doesn’t require too much effort. In fact, ponytails are becoming a popular hairstyle even for glam events too! With the ongoing ponytail trend, at last, ponytails aren’t just considered as “the lazy hairstyle” anymore.

If you’re planning to give the ponytail trend a try, remember that ponytails look better when they’re thick and have enough volume. But if you’re one of the many women who isn’t blessed with a naturally thick hair and you find your hair looking a bit flat and lackluster when styled with a ponytail, don’t worry, you can still rock a ponytail too! So what should you do if you don’t have thick hair? Worry no more because help is at hand! It’s time to figure out how to give ponytails the volume they need. No more sad and frequently falling ponytails with these tips that would help your ponytail stay up all day and make it look as if it was professionally done from a hair salon!

  • Tease With a Comb
  • Start by splitting your hair into different sections. Grab some hair in each section and tease it while adding some hairspray. Teasing your hair is proven as a very effective method of adding volume to your hair. However, this can be damaging if done frequently.

  • Use Volumizing Spray
  • Buy yourself a volumizing spray to help create texture and add volume to your thin hair. While teasing your hair, use your favorite volumizing spray from roots to end. Make sure to massage your hair to distribute the product evenly to your scalp. Same with the teasing method, frequent use of a volumizing spray can damage your hair.

  • Use Pony-O
  • Create the perfect volumized ponytail simply by gathering your hair and fixing it with Pony-O. In fact, you can just skip tips 1 & 2 if you’re out of time and if you’re out of volumizing spray. You can save yourself the hassle of teasing and spraying your hair! Take your ponytail to the next level by achieving an elegant and effortless out of the bed look simply by loosening your hair a little bit. No more elastic hair ties and bobby pins!


    How Pony-O Creates The Perfect Volumized Ponytails

    Perfect Ponytail by Pony-O

    Pony-O naturally creates an amazing effect that makes your hair look thicker and more volumized. How?  

  • Patented Design
  • With its specially patented design made of silicone cover and copper core on the inside, Pony-O can seamlessly bend and can be shaped to perfectly achieve a volumized looking ponytail. Its silicone cover has tiny little bumps that allow you to grip your hair easily with no pain and crease at all.

  • Zero Damage & Breakage
  • Bid farewell to your painful and easy to break elastic hair ties and say hello to Pony-O! With Pony-O’s bendable silicone material, rest assured that you can always get the volumized ponytail you always wanted without stressing out of it breaking. Plus, it’s very lightweight and comfortable as if you’re there’s nothing on your hair! And unlike elastic hair ties, Pony-O won’t painfully stick and break your hair or hurt your scalp. Your hair will simply slide out of Pony-O’s silicone material giving you the most comfortable feeling unlike any other. Keep your hair long and healthy with Pony-O!

  • Perfectly Secured Ponytail
  • Pony-O’s strong and secure grip is all you need for a non-saggy and volumized ponytail that will stay up from day to night. Whether you’re going to an important party, workout in the gym, or simply running an errand, your ponytail will perfectly stay in place with Pony-O!


    Party-Ready with Volumized Ponytails using Pony-O!

    Now that you’ve learned the secret to a perfectly volumized ponytail, it’s time to take your ponytail to the next level. Give your ponytail the extra love it deserves by using our Designer Pony-O and Bling Ringz.


  • Bling Ringz
  • Ponytails with Bling Ringz

    Capture everyone’s attention by wearing any of our 11 gorgeous Bling Ringz! These elegant hair tie does not only create a fuller looking ponytail but also can make a statement and an elegant pop to any outfit!


  • Designer Pony-O
  • Ponytails with Designer Pony-O

    If you like a minimally styled ponytail that’s not too loud and out there, you can opt for our limited-edition Designer Pony-O. We have 17 elegant designs of different colors and patterns that you can choose from to perfectly complement your beautiful dress for any parties, events, and occasion that you’re bound to attend.

    Win back your confidence by applying these easy to do tips on giving your ponytail a thicker, more stylish and volumized look. No more saggy ponytails and yes to perky and fuller ponytails with Pony-O! Surely, this is the only hair accessory you will ever need!

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