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How To Do A Quick Ponytail

Posted by CJ Yjares on

How To Do A Quick Ponytail

How To Do A Quick Ponytail That Stays All Day

Are you the type of girl who is always on the go? Your morning routine might be messed up but we think your hair should not! And that’s why you should learn how to do a quick ponytail with the Pony-O hair accessory!

What’s worse than morning breath and having ten minutes to get ready for the day or maybe less? That’s right, bedhead and messy hair! Since hair is one factor that can grab people’s attention, isn’t it hard to look forward to the day ahead just thinking about how you look like with that crazy situation on top of your head?

Don’t we all agree that taming our mane is the least we could do to look presentable before heading out the door?

We are certain that every girl can relate when we say that hair can be a major time eater! Ladies, we feel you that is why we are sharing with you some tips and our holy grail hair accessory that will give you a breather from your usual stressful morning.

Make Your Ponytail Quick & Look Extra Chic In Seconds.

Here’s the first tip, if you are running a bit late, fix your hair by going for an easy-to-manage and simple hairstyle like the classic ponytail! It’s quick, easy and  requires minimum effort but gives maximum returns! Rest assured that you can pull it off no matter how many times you snooze and sleep through your alarm. With Pony-O you can do a three-step quick ponytail in less than a minute! Here’s how—


Step 1: Pull your hair through the Pony-O, making sure to keep it close to your head.

quickly making a ponytail with ponyo

 Step 2: Flatten and squeeze the Pony-O to hold your hair in place.

flatten the ponyo for a strong hold ponytail

Step 3: By using your thumb, individually bend the sides of the Pony-O to secure your ponytail.

how to make a ponytail quick and easy

Here's a video that shows some great examples!: 

That’s it, quick and simple! All you have to do is PULL, FLATTEN and BEND! Whatever hair type you have, making ponytails using Pony-O will definitely speed up your morning routine. It will save you a good amount of time from your everyday staring game whenever you look in that reflection of yours in the mirror trying to figure out how to fix the bird’s nest that grew on your head overnight.

Sleep in peace knowing that your hair won’t crease.

Speaking of bird’s nest, here comes our second tip! It is no brainer that taking a shower the night before can save you so much time the next morning. Sleeping with your-out-of-the-shower hair usually gives you:

  • The dreaded bedhead!
  • Annoying hair creases.
  • Terrible headaches.

By using Pony-O, you can toss and turn all you want in your sleep without the fear of having crazy hair in the daylight! Do not worry about pain and creasing because Pony-O is crease free and provides maximum comfort! And since it holds the hair securely, you can actually wake up with the perfect and hassle-free good to go hairdo. Now that’s what we call a quick ponytail!

That’s (not) hot!

We know that some of you can’t help but to rock different hairstyles every single day and that is totally fine but if you are looking for a quick hair fix, a simple ponytail can instantly make you look decent and put together without blow drying, straightening or curling your hair. So our next tip is to take a break from all the heat of your hot tools that can damage your hair which makes it dry and prone to breakage.

The perfect combo - Ponytails With Bling!

If you want to give your pony a little bit more oomph, try dressing up your ponytail with Designer Pony-O and Bling Ringz:

  • They are the perfect hair accessories for any occasion.
  • With the Pony-O and Bling Ringz you can now have the comfort of keeping your hair out of your face all day in style!
  • Now that you have cute hair accessories which spared  10-15 seconds of your time in the morning, might as well make a statement and put together a nice outfit to go with it with that extra time of yours. So long boring hair ties!

Dry shampoo? Boohoo!

In the morning when you’re running late for school or work, most of the time you reach for your dry shampoo because of its oil-eliminating and root-lifting powers, we totally get where you are coming from but its convenience actually has backlashes. This information maybe our wake up call but we have to accept the sad truth that perhaps dry shampoo isn’t the holy grail product we thought it was. Here’s why you should probably give it up:

  • It induces and cause the formation of dandruff.
  • It thins out your precious locks.
  • It causes scalp irritation which may lead to permanent hair loss!

The tip is to save yourself from all these problems and just go for the much easier way to hide your oily and flat locks by putting it in a quick ponytail. Hey, we know we already suggested it a couple of times but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Quick, easy and damage free

Your hair speaks volumes so listen to it! Did you know that back combing can actually destroy your hair as it totally take away cuticle cells from your hair fibers? Our last tip suggests that if you are digging volumized and puffy ponytails, you might want to drop those teasing combs and hairspray and try Pony-O instead. Here’s why:

  • You can still achieve perky, full and lifted ponytails that hold all day with zero damage using Pony-O!
  • No need for crazy hair products for your pony to hold and stay up throughout the day. It works great with any type of hair so you don’t have to worry if you have fine, curly or thick hair.
  • Save yourself the hassle of going back going back and forth with your teasing comb and hairspray and further damaging your hair in order to achieve a textured ponytail.

Try Pony-O’s patented design that puts an end to saggy and loose ponytails. By switching to Pony-O Hair Accessories, your hair will surely thank you!

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  • the article really caught my eye. The ponyo is really easy and fast to put on.. I even slept with it in and my pony stayed perfect… even when I want to switch to my other color ponyo I love it cause it’s so easy to take off and able to make the new ponytail quickly

    Lauren on

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