How Elastics Can Ruin Your Hair

hair accessories

Hair accessories have a long and varied history. From the very first time someone’s hair got into their eyes (presumably), we’ve been tying it back to get it away from our faces and also give us more styling options.

But, those styling options don’t come without risks. Anything that you use in your hair can potentially cause damage to it, especially if you’re not using it right. Read on to find out how you might be harming your hair.

Under Pressure

High ponytails and other styles that require you to pull your hair back as tightly as possible may be simple and convenient (which is why they’re so nice), but they also put a lot of pressure on your sensitive hairline.

Putting this pressure on your hairline every day can irreparably damage your hair follicles in your hairline to the point where the hair stops growing. This could lead to a permanently receding hairline.

That pressure on your hairline can also lead to headaches (known as hair-aches) if you do it a lot.

As tempting as it is to just slap a high ponytail in and call it done, it pays in the long run to have more than one go-to hairstyle.

(Don’t) Sleep on It

If you think it sounds bad to constantly be pulling your hair back all day, it’s even worse if you do it while sleeping. Just like how you’re not supposed to wear makeup while you sleep, you’re also not supposed to wear a hair elastic when you sleep because the effects are even worse on your hair than when you’re awake.

While sleeping, you will undoubtedly toss and turn throughout the night and this pulls on your hair even more than during the day. Make sure to keep your hair down while sleeping.

Same Place, Same Time, Same Damage

You might like doing the same, simple hairstyle everyday because it’s familiar to you and you’ve got styling your hair that way down to a time-saving science, but if you put an elastic in the same spot every single day, it will cause extra damage to the hair in that spot.

Of course, your hair is constantly growing, so the elastic won’t be on the exact same patch of hair over the course of a year, but the same patch of hair will get the full brunt of the elastic’s damage for a few months at a time as it grows.

It pays to switch up your hairstyle every once in awhile so that you’re not constantly putting an elastic or any other type of styling device in the exact same spot all the time.

Wet Woes

If you’re in the habit of pulling your hair back as soon as you get out of the shower, you are putting even more undue pressure on your poor hairline because your hair will be dense with water and this causes the pressure on your hairline to increase.

Resist the urge to pull it back immediately and find some other way of keeping it out of your face while it dries.

Metal Madness

The worst offenders among hair elastics are the ones that have metal fasteners on them. The metal, as you can imagine, ends up snagging hair and either breaking it or pulling it out altogether. If you absolutely have to use an elastic, at least make sure you use a metal-free one.

Your hair already faces so much stress throughout the day, the last thing you want to do is to cause even more stress to it. By switching up your hairstyle and avoiding elastics with metal, pulling your hair back while sleeping or while it’s wet, you can limit the potential damage caused by elastics.

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