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Half Up Hairstyle Comparison | Pony-O vs Hair Ties

Posted by Emmerey Sarona on

Half Up Hairstyle Comparison | Pony-O vs Hair Ties

Half up Hairstyle with Pony-O vs Hair Ties

Half Up Hairstyle with Pony-O vs Hair Ties!

There’s no denying how half up hairstyles have captured the hearts of many girls of all ages. We love it because they are very easy to make, convenient, and they give us the best of both worlds. And because they are versatile and can work with different types and lengths of hair, a simple half up hairstyle can give us the boost we need to finish the day with confidence. The exact reason why whether you’re a kid or a young at heart, we always have a soft spot for half up hairstyles.

Half Up Hairstyle Dilemma with Hair Ties

While we’ve had great memories with this hairstyle, we’re pretty sure you’ve also had your share of half up ponytails mishaps. From painful tangled hair and constantly breaking elastic hair ties, half up hairstyles have been terrifying to do yet fulfilling to make. Worse case is… if you have experienced any of these half up hairstyle nightmare with elastic ties!

  • Sad and lousy half up hairstyle
  • Your hair getting ripped off!
  • The struggle to keep your hairstyle to last all day
  • Constant breakage of hair ties which are way too painful
  • Easy to lose hair ties.

Worry no more! Never again would you have to sacrifice and go through the painful process of using hair ties in achieving the perfect half up hairstyle. Bid farewell to painful, sad and saggy half up hairstyles with Pony-O!

Why Pony-O?

Not only is the name unique, but its function and benefits will absolutely blow your mind too! So why Pony-O? Well… why don’t we dig deep and learn how Pony-O can help you create stunning half up hairstyles? Check this out!

  • Yes to Zero Damage
  • All hail Pony-O with its top-notch design that gives you the perfect half up, ponytail, and other hairstyles with 100% ZERO DAMAGE. Yes! You heard it right. With its revolutionary patented design,  Pony-O will not break, rip-off, or damage your hair and gentle scalp. Gone are days where you need to sacrifice your hair health for beauty.

  • Style and Security
  • Yes to a gorgeous half up hairstyle that’s fully secured and will stay up all day to night. Pony-O’s material is made of high-quality flexible and strong silicone designed to give you the best look that stays gorgeously up all day. Flaunt your gorgeous locks and style without the need to constantly check yourself in the mirror after a day of work, shopping, or studying at school. No more constant redo and touch ups!

  • Livelier & Fuller Looking
  • No more boring hairstyles with Pony-O! With its innovative design, you can easily get a fuller looking, livelier, and perkier half up hairstyles. No more struggles in creating your dream sky-high half up hairstyles with Pony-O!

  • Feels Light & Comfortable
  • Whilst giving you the perkiest and gorgeous half up ponytails, Pony-O will also give you the lightest and comfortable feeling you’ve never experienced with your usual hair ties. It’s too light that it almost feels like you have nothing on your hair! Plus, you get the best and most gentle grip that won’t hurt your hair and scalp. Definitely, “beauty is pain” no more!

  • Versatile
  • Whether you’re blessed with a gorgeous thick hair or with sleek and fine locks, Pony-O always got your back. This universal accessory can hold up the weight of thick hair and add volume for those with thin hair. This well-rounded hair accessory surely does not discriminate. So even if you have long or short, thick or fine, and straight or curly hair, Pony-O will never bring you down!

    Perfect Half Up Hairstyle with Pony-O

    No words can perfectly describe why and how Pony-O works wonders with our hair.  But one thing is for sure, Pony-O is the perfect replacement to your once-trusted go-to hair ties. Why? Because unlike the conventional painful hair ties, Pony-O...

    • Is gentle and not painful
    • Doesn’t break
    • It will last even after hundreds of use
    • Light, flexible and very portable
    • Is not easy to lose
    • Perfect for travel!
    • Is as easy as 1,2,3!

    Here’s how you can perfectly create your favorite half up hairstyles in under a minute!


    1. Gather the top part of your hair.

    How to Use Pony-O

      2. Using Pony-O, slip your hair through the hole.
      How to Use Pony-O Step2
        3.Squash and bend both ends.
          How to Use Pony-O Step 3



          And you’re all done! Say Hi to your gorgeous and easy to do half up hairstyles!


          Definitely, Pony-O is the ultimate hair accessory you can ever have. Not only does it allow you to make your favorite half up hairstyles but it can also make your ponytails and your other favorite hairdos! That being said, don’t you think it’s the perfect time to ditch the hair tie you’ve used your entire life and switch to Pony-O’s revolutionary design? Try and experience the Pony-O difference here!

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