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Hair Bun Piece For All Hair Types

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Hair Bun Piece For All Hair Types

bun barz hair before and after

The Best Hair Bun Piece For ALL Hair Types Is Finally Here!

Is your mane agenda for today a messy bun, a casual top knot or an elegant updo?

Well, what a coincidence because today we’re going to talk about this amazing hair accessory that will give you the best looking bun in more or less a minute no matter what your hair type is, 10/10 recommend!

Sock buns? Hair donuts? Bobby pins? Make them all a thing of the past

There are various ways to create a bun; some flood their hair with elastics, bobby pins and hairspray for 10 minutes while others use their DIY hair donut such as socks and hair rollers that make their head feel super heavy. We admit, we went crazy over those as well but it’s all in the past! If that’s your thing until now then we feel bad for you because if you ask us what’s our say regarding those methods, it’s a no from us. There’s a much easier and faster way to create the best looking bun for your next hair adventure! So ditch those hair styling tools and accessories because the Bun Barz from Pony-O Hair Accessories will put them all to shame. Make sure to read till the end of this blog to know more about the life changing bun hair piece that is the Bun Bar. May sound cliche but we’re only stating facts here!

Bun problems for each hair type:

Nowadays, the manners in which buns are created vary from and are determined by hair types which call for a bun hair piece that can cater to every single type of hair out there. Let’s talk about the struggles that girls with different kinds of hair experience when rocking an updo:

Thin hair

bun piece for thin hair

Girls with this hair type suffer from small buns and stacking up on hair elastics makes their bun, sadly, even smaller since it squashes and squeezes it which makes it look like a munchkin. If they use the hair donut hack, it just peeks through because their thin hair can’t fully cover what’s underneath the bun! Totally not cute!

Thick hair

bun barz hair piece for thick hair

Buns and updos won’t even stay up because of the weight of your mane. Yes, we totally can relate! Putting your thick tresses in a simple bun can be so stressful and is just physically exhausting. The sock trick will just add up to the heavy weight of your hair. It’s not worth enduring the load and the pain when there’s a better alternative sitting ‘round the corner.

Curly hair

bun barz hair piece for curly hair

What’s a sleek bun or an elegant updo if every time you put your waves, curls and coils up, the result is always a messy looking bun?! Though we are not judging if the ‘undone’ and ‘effortless’ look is what you are going for but we are pretty sure that learning how to create a ‘clean’ and ‘formal’ looking hairdo will come in handy especially for certain occasions!

Fine hair

Oh the perks of having fine hair, you can achieve polished and fleeky looking buns without much effort….. until it slips out. Yikes! Resorting to putting a lot of hair sprays so it will stay in place won’t help either since it will make your hair fall flat and frizzy once humidity greets you and the fun is over.

Long story short, every hair type has its downside when it comes to styling and putting it in a bun. But since it’s 2018, those problems should be solved by now, right? The Bun Bar is the answer to all your bun problems! Here’s why:

Works for all hair types

Women with different hair types and kinds have been raving about the Bun Barz. We assure you that it will work perfectly well with your hair type, no gimmicks! Just make sure that you’re properly doing it by following the guidelines and instructions at the end of this blog. No more sock peeking for thin hair, saggy buns for thick hair, settling for just a messy bun for curly hair and buns slipping out for fine hair! Bun Barz is a must have for every girls out there.

Holds bun all day

If there’s one thing that we really worked on with the Bun Barz, that is, it should hold the hair in place all day! Just like it’s sister, the Pony-O, it will give you both the style and security as well as comfort that you’ve always dreamt of! Buns that will stay perky and in place all day? It’s a yes for us! You can now enjoy the best looking bun while you do your own thing without having to worry about redoing your hair every now and then.

Big and voluminous bun

voluminous bun using bun barz hair piece

Oh boy, here’s a major factor that will have you adding these bad boys to your cart immediately. Yes, you read that right. Bun Barz will give you big and voluminous buns without socks and without any other ineffective DIYs or hair styling tools. Create buns that are big and voluminous that will have people wondering what’s in there? What’s the sorcery behind it? Did you have it done by a hair stylist or it’s just because it’s full of secrets?

Quick and easy bun with minimal effort

Easy peasy lemon squeezy for real! Bun Barz will give you the power to create your dream bun in an instant, no more ten-minute promises. It’s super quick and easy which makes it perfect if you want to look put together or just want to get your hair out of your face in a snap of a finger with little effort depending on how stubborn your locks are.

No damage, no creases

This revolutionary bun hair piece is all that you need so there’s no damage at all! Unlike using elastic hair ties that can damage your hair, with the Bun Barz there’s no pulling and tugging, no ripping your hair out just gorgeous and healthy buns! After a long time of wearing it, you can take it out and there will be no creases. Such a dreamy hair accessory it’s too good to be true so don’t think twice just get the Bun Barz now to experience it first hand!

How the Bun Barz work:

  • Take your hair and place it between your bars
  • Clamp the bars down at your shortest layer
  • Begin to roll the BunBar down toward your face
  • Leaving a little room between your head and the bar, bend each side in toward each other
  • Squash the BunBar to secure it
  • Wrap your hair around to cover the bar
  • For more volume, grab the hair and gently tug to create a bigger bun.
  • After tugging, make sure to squash it again.

And there you have it folks, your bun game has just been changed and taken to the next level!

Get your Bun Barz now. Your hair will thank you later!

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