The Pony-O Story

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The Pony-O story goes all the way back to when inventor Nicol Harvie was a little girl with a head full of long, curly locks getting ready for dance class. Like all mothers, Nicol’s wanted her little girl to look pretty and have the nicest hair. That meant lots of bobby pins, lots of barrettes, lots of hair elastics and so much hairspray that poor little Nicol’s eyelashes got stuck together sometimes.

Every pulled and broken strand of hair made Nicol hate hair accessories, which were more akin to torture devices for her. However, all the damage and pain they caused also helped plant an entrepreneurial seed in Nicol’s mind.

Later in life, now a young woman, Nicol studied fashion design and landed a job with renowned fashion designer Alfred Sung who prompted her to cut her hair short and wear it up. With memories of the pain and suffering she went through as a child still in her mind, Nicol was determined to create something for herself that was comfortable to wear and robust enough to keep her hair in the same style all day.

She thought of a simple design, gathered the materials and within a few minutes had a prototype she could patent. Once she got her patent, it wasn’t long before she was selling the Pony-O all over the world at hair industry trade shows.

Makeup and hair artists in the fashion and movie industries quickly discovered the product and started using it. One early adopter even used the Pony-O to style Meg Ryan’s hair in the smash hit Sleepless in Seattle.

The Pony-O and its sister accessories like the Bun Barz took over Nicol’s life. When she lost a part-time job due to missing a meeting because she was too busy fulfilling Pony-O orders, Nicol took that as a sign that her invention was going to be her future.

Between trade shows and ecommerce, Nicol has managed to help thousands of people style their hair comfortably and easily with a high-quality product.

People are tired of the disposable world that is flooded with poor-quality products and this general junk exhaustion has helped propel the Pony-O to thousands of sales worldwide.

Born of frustration with archaic designs and propelled by a desire to give people a simple, high-quality hair accessory, Pony-O is Nicol’s gift to the modern world.