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Comfortable Ponytails VS Uncomfortable Headache Filled Ponytails

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Comfortable Ponytails VS Uncomfortable Headache Filled Ponytails

ponytails that dont give headaches

Pony-O and Comfortable Ponytails VS Elastics and Uncomfortable Headache Filled Ponytails

Classic high ponytail is every girl’s go-to hairstyle. It’s no fuss and easy to make which makes it the perfect quick hair fix if you’re on the go, whether you’re out for a meeting, going for a workout or just chilling in the house, it’s the most convenient way to get your mane in place.

The super tight and sleek ponytail has become a staple in the red carpet! However, it’s just a matter of hours before you feel the throbbing headache your ponytail is causing you. 

  • This discomfort, although is a common thing, is actually a real headache disorder known as ponytail headache syndrome. It is experienced by almost every girl who likes their hair up and high in a pony.
  • Girls are most likely naturally prone to ponytail headaches especially those who are suffering with migraine or frequent headaches leading to the development of a hyper sensitive scalp hence they struggle with this condition from time to time.
  • It might also be because you are using elastics, rubber bands and other hair ties and accessories that are damaging and causing the unpleasant feeling in your head. Let’s dig in to the reason behind it and the perfect solution for this dilemma.

The science behind the ponytail headache

While ponytail headaches are classified as a type of “extracranial headache”, it’s still all beneath the surface. While your scalp doesn’t look like it’s in pain, it’s actually the nerves underneath your hair follicles that are in extreme agony.  

When you gather your hair up and the act of pulling it triggers the feeling of tightness, your sensory nerves react to it which results to the development of headaches. Take note that it’s not just ponytails, braids and other hairstyles, hair extensions as well as hair accessories that you wear on your head that include hair pulling can trigger this condition.

Some quick ponytail discomfort fixes:

    1. Let your hair down- If you feel that the discomfort is starting to creep in, one of the best and simple solutions is to immediately take your hair out of your ponytail and let it down.

    2. Relax and massage- Loosen that ponytail and gently massage your scalp and temples where you think the pain is mostly felt.

    3. Give your hair a break- You style your hair every now and then and that’s probably one of the reasons behind the hurting sensation in your head. Give your hair a break and try to let it rest from all the hair pulling and styling for at least a couple of days.

    4. Rest and get a good sleep- We all need rest. Resting your body and mind will ease up the tension in your head and a good night’s sleep will be of great help to lessen the hypersensitivity of your scalp.

    5. Seek help- Visit your doctor or neurologist if the pain is too much for you to handle and if it’s happening frequently. Seek help as early as now because it might be much worse than a ponytail headache. Didn’t mean to scare you but it’s just a fair warning that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    The comfortable ponytail lifesaver:

    If certain conditions and circumstances require you to have your hair up, opt for a hair accessory that will not hurt. If your working in a field that obliges you to keep hair out of your face and out of your way, the Pony-O is the perfect solution for you. Here’s how it can be your ultimate life saver:

    1. Maximum comfort

    ponytails comfortable for yoga

    You can now have style, security and comfort in just one hair accessory. With Pony-O, you don’t have to suffer painful ponytail headaches because it will not drag the weight of your hair down which immensely hurts the scalp. It will also not give you the tight tugging feeling like conventional hair tie does. Pony-O feels nothing in your hair which makes it perfect for girls with sensitive scalp! It’s also a refreshing take on your usual boring hair ties.

    2. Holds hair all day

    ponytails that hold hair all day comfortable

    No matter what activity you do, your ponytail will stay up all day if you use Pony-O. There’s no need to re-do your hair or retouch it. With Pony-O, if you feel the need to tighten your pony, all you have to do is hold your hair up, push the Pony-O down close to your head and squash the band together. We assure you that Pony-O will hold your hair up! (Only if you properly put it on!)

    3. Works with all hair types

    curly hair ponytail that is comfortable

    Pony-O will work on any hair type! Doesn’t matter if you have thick, fine, curly or thick hair. Your hair type won’t be a problem because your Pony-O will still give you the best looking and most comfortable ponytail. It’s life changing and will instantly change your hair game!

    4. No damage and crease free

    ponytails that dont give headaches

    Elastics not only damage your hair it also cause hideous creasing. Say bye bye hair tie and hello to beautiful and healthy locks with Pony-O. Let’s have a moment to address what makes Pony-O unique, revolutionary and better than most hair accessories on the market today. Pony-O comes with little bumps on its silicone cover and these bumps interlock when you flatten the band that’s why there is no creasing at all. Here’s to the best part; no more breakage, no more split ends, no more tangled and frizzy hair just locks that are full of life!

    5. Thicker and perkier ponytail

    ponytails hairstyles that are comfortable

    Numbers don’t lie and so are we when we say that Pony-O will give you 30% more volume compared to your good ol’ scrunchie. Your ponytail will be at its best with Pony-O. No more laborious, dangerous and damaging hair styling, just get your hands on the Pony-O and you can now achieve a fuller, perkier and more voluminous ponytail in under a minute!

    Whether you want your ponytail sleek, tight, high, messy or cute, it should not be painful! Here’s to ponytails that don’t give headaches. Comfortable and stylish ponytails are now possible with Pony-O!

    Get yours now by clicking here. Your hair will thank you later!

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