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Chic Half Up Hairstyles

Posted by Andrew Gabbard on

Chic Half Up Hairstyles

Gorgeous Half Up Hairstyles with Pony-O

Chic Half Up Hairstyles Perfect In Any Occasion!

We’ve covered everything from fuller looking ponytails to elegant hair buns, but what can a girl do when she’s can’t make up her mind whether to wear her hair up or down? Go for half up hairstyles!

Co’z why not? In fact, the hottest hairstyle trend today is not the classic down do, nor the ever favorite ponytail, but a combination of the two- Half up hairstyles! So if you can’t decide which hairstyle to make, always go for half updos!

The half updo is a great hairstyle not only because they are incredibly effortless and easy to make but also because it’s the ultimate bad hair day style to rock and they work absolutely amazing at hiding your second-day hair! It also helps you keep your hair away from your face whilst still allowing you to show off your amazing locks. Definitely, half up hairstyles are one of the best everyday hairstyles simple because…

They Give You the Best of Both Worlds

You can never go wrong with half up hairstyles! Never be caught up at any parties by rocking the perfect combination of formal and casual hair look with half updos. And when it comes to styling, half up hairstyle is the perfect compromise whenever you can’t decide which hairstyle to wear.

They Are Versatile

Anyone can wear this hair trend. Whether your hair is thick or thin, long or short, and straight or curly, there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot wear this hairstyle. So go ahead and confidently flaunt your new found love- the half up hairdo!

They are Perfect for Any Occasion

Half up hairstyles can take you to so many different places and occasions. You can look casual to party ready in split seconds! From a simple day at work to a grand wedding, and even to elegant parties, half up hairstyles can give you the boost of confidence you need to nail your look!


So whether you're headed to a huge occasion or just simply at home trying to look for new styles to change your hair, half-up hairstyles are certainly the trend to try to amp up your look. All you need to achieve chic half up hairstyles is our revolutionary hair accessory, Pony-O!

The Pony-O Difference

Pony-O boasts its innovative patented design that helps all girls create the best hairstyles that will stay gorgeous all day long with no crease and no damage at all! If you haven’t heard of this life-changing hack yet (which dungeon were your from!?), let me give you a little clue of how this tiny piece of thing can change your life.

  • CLAMP, ROLL, SQUASH & BEND. As easy as that and you get the perfect hairstyle with Pony-O!
  • Pony-O is super lightweight and comfortable that you’d forget you even have one on top of your head.
  • Whether you dance or run, Pony-O can keep your fancy hairdo in place all day to night!
  • No matter if you swim or drench yourself with sweat at the gym, Pony-O’s waterproof and sweatproof features got you all covered!


3 Easy & Stunning Half Up Hairstyles with Pony-O

We're always on the look for the latest and hottest hairstyles. And with today’s half-up hairstyle craze, we’ve listed these effortless yet stunning half-up hairstyles (made easy with Pony-O!) that are perfect in any occasions.



Arianna Sky-High Half Up Hairstyle

Ariana Half Up Hair Style

This sky-high half up ponytail is Arianna Grande’s most notable hairstyles. It’s fun, sexy, flirty but very easy to do using Pony-O. Follow these easy steps to recreate this iconic look:

  1. Start by gathering the top part of your hair.
  2. Using Pony-O, clamp your hair and roll it down towards your head.
  3. Squash tightly and bend each end on top of each other.
  4. And boom! You’re done!
  5. You may also braid the same part of your hair to make a cute Braided Half Up Hairstyle.

Top Knot Half Up Hairstyle

Top Knot Half Up Hairstyle

For a classic look, an elegant top knot half up hairstyle is the way to go. No need to book an appointment to expensive hair salons, because with Pony-O, you can easily achieve this look without breaking a sweat!

  1. Take the top part of your hair and clamp with Pony-O.
  2. Roll towards your head leaving a little space.
  3. Squash and bend both ends.
  4. Roll the ends to make a bun.
  5. Lastly, secure with a bobby pin.

As easy as that! Plus, you can upgrade your look by braiding the ends before rolling them for a bun. Now you get a cool Braided Top Knot Half Up Hairstyle!

Inside Out Half Up Hairstyle

Inside Out Half Up Hairstyle

Perhaps one of the most underrated yet the classiest style is the inside out half up hairstyle. Not only is it very easy to do, but it’s also very irresistible and undeniably sophisticated to ignore! Here’s how you can recreate this look:

  1. From the middle part of your head, divide your hair horizontally into two.
  2. Using Pony-O, tie your hair loosely.
  3. Create a small division and insert Pony-O along with the rest of the hair inside.
  4. And that’s it! You’re all set for your party.
  5. For a more elegant look, create a Double Layer Inside Out Half Up Hairstyle simply by repeating steps 1-3! You can also wear our Bling Ringz to add a touch of sparkle and glam.

Those are only some of our favorite simple half-up and half-down hairstyles. Why don’t you try out something new and trade your messy bun for a half up do? It doesn’t hurt to have fun and change up your look once in a while! Try any of these amazing half up hairstyles made easy with Pony-O!

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