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Bye Bye Hair Tie, Hello PonyO

Posted by CJ Yjares on

Bye Bye Hair Tie, Hello PonyO

get rid of hairties hello ponyo

Bye Bye Hair Tie, Hello Pony-O! Why The Pony-O Is A Must Have Accessory For Your Hair

We’re guessing you’ve worn ponytails all your life, don’t we all? We love it because it is so convenient, it keeps our necks cool and it is perfect for hairy situations! But just a heads up, you probably should stop counting on those elastic hair ties to hold your ponytail and cut them off of your life. We know it’s hard but it it’s the best decision you could make right now. Don’t worry though because we will also share with you the perfect replacement for your good (nope) ol’ hair ties!

We’re not trying to make it look like hair ties are bad guys but these facts will surely convince you to say “Bye bye hair tie, Hello Pony-O:

Bad habits lead to bad hair

What causes damaged hair that is prone to breakage:

  • Routinary pulling, twisting and tying of hair
  • using cheap and bad quality hair ties
  • Using heat to your hair with your hot tools
  • Too much hair products

You might not realize it now but these habits of yours will give you such a hard time you will want to pull all the hair out of your head in the near future (if you still have any by then). So we suggest you break those bad habits as early as now. Aside from that, remember that the tighter the ponytail, the more damaged the hair can become. Using hair ties for styling pulls the hair too aggressively that it might lead to balding as it makes the hair shaft and roots weak. Oh, the horror!

Don’t settle with metals.

It’s probably best to tell you that the villain in your perfect ponytail dream is hair tie that have metal fastenings attached to it. Probably the one on your wrist right now? Gotcha! These metal clasps snag on to your hair that’s why when you take out your ponytail, some hair strands come off as well. Imagine doing that to your hair every single time you put it up in a ponytail. Yikes! Your hair deserves more than that, sis.

Don’t risk it, take that hair tie off your wrist.

Buying packs of ten yet you keep on losing them? We’ve all been there. We can lose hair ties in a blink of an eye. So the trend of using hair ties as wrist ornaments sprung in order to put an end to this dilemma. However, here is the catch; you might acquire serious infections from the bacteria build up in your hair tie. Shocker! Wherever you place it, in your bags or on your wrist, it doesn’t change the fact that hair ties are prone to bacteria. Here are the stages of it:

  • Hair ties that can possibly scratch your skin will open doors for bacterias.
  • Bacterias will penetrate the layers of your skin.
  • Painful bump will start to form.
  • The bump may eventually develop into an abscess or worse, sepsis.

Can’t seize the day with a saggy ponytail.

Don’t know about you but we just can’t stand saggy ponytails! What’s worse than leaving the house looking all cute and chic with your high and tight ponytail but later arriving at your destination with a saggy / drooping one because your hair tie can’t properly hold that precious locks of yours? Ain’t nobody got time to redo their ponytails again and again. Just thinking about it makes us cringe so hard. We could only imagine the damages those hair ties would cause your tresses!

Take a break from the headache, say bye to your hair tie.

Ponytails are cute but they may also cause tension in your scalp! These factors may trigger your exasperating headache:

  • You are naturally prone to migraine
  • Your go-to hairstyle
  • Your usual tight ponytails

Did you know that women are actually prone to migraines and your go-to hairstyle can actually trigger it? Your favorite swingy updo have the tendency to induce pain that radiates all throughout your scalp causing major headaches!

The scientific explanation for this is that when you are prone to migraines, the nerves around your head are extra sensitive hence pulling your hair will stimulate and mess the sensory nerves around your scalp. So just an advice, better think twice before putting your hair up in those tight hair ties.

Upgrade your hair ties and invest in proper hair accessory that will not disappoint. Surely by the end of this blog you’ll have Pony-O straight to your cart. Your ponytail’s new friend is here. Say hello to Pony-O, it’s the only hair accessory that you will ever need!

Here’s what sets it apart from conventional hair ties:

Hello Pony- O, your dream hair accessory brought to life

No more fear and anxiety of tearing your hair out because Pony-O makes the perfect hair accessory for your ponytail. It allows you to experience the advantage of having ponytails that looks fuller and thicker with zero damage and breakage. Did anyone say volume? Good thing Pony-O will give you just that as well. Oh, here’s a fun fact: Pony-O can make your poof 30% thicker!

the best ponytail with ponyo

Created by women for women

Yes, it is made especially for you! Since we understand and feel your struggles, we designed the Pony-O to kick all your hair problems out of the way! Women are diverse beings that come in different forms that’s why Pony-O is perfect because it is all embracing. It is created by women for their fellow women to cater to their different needs, lifestyles, hair types, etc.

pony hairstyles for girls

Revolutionary to the beauty industry

Pony-O bends, it doesn’t stretch. You know what that means? Better quality hair accessory that won’t waste your money. No more hair ties breaking because this one lasts for hundreds and hundreds of uses and no more hair ties on your wrist to prevent them from disappearing because it impossible to unknowingly lose your Pony-O!

before and after ponytail 

The secret is out

Wanna know the secret why Pony-O holds the hair so securely? Here are the main contributing elements:

  • Pony-O’s silicone cover and the little bumps on it
  • Pony-O’s copper core
  • Proper shaping of the Pony-O

The patented design; the silicone cover that has bumps on it and the copper core on the inside, is what grips the hair tight without hurting your scalp. Remember that if you shape the Pony-O properly, that would also contribute to how your ponytail will hold up! Those little bumps on the silicone cover interlock when you squash it so it doesn’t make flat spots which makes Pony-O crease free. No need for pins to secure your ponytails, Pony-O is the only thing you’ll need!

hello ponyo hair accessory

It’s beauty minus the pain

You can now achieve beautiful hairstyles with maximum comfort so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive dome. Unlike conventional hair ties, Pony-O won’t clung to your hair like crazy, your hair will slide right out of this circular piece without hurting your scalp. Headaches won’t also be a problem anymore because Pony-O is super comfy it feels like nothing on your hair! We could only imagine how much girls out there with thick hair will love the Pony-O. 

newest hair accessory the ponyo

So keep a healthy ponytail. Say bye bye hair tie, Hello Pony-O!


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