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Barre Workout with Pony-O

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

Barre Workout with Pony-O

Barre workout ponytails

Pony-O Ponytails For Your New Found Love - Barre Workout!

We already know how Pony-O makes your health and fitness routine seamless with its functional and stylish design. In fact, we’ve already talked about all the benefits of Pony-O to your sweaty gym workout in one of our previous posts (check here). But today, we’re gonna discuss the new workout craze, Barre, and how Pony-O makes all the difference in perfectly executing your new-found workout favorite!

Barre Workout?

Yes! Barre workout. If this new workout routine is still not on your radar, then you better read on to know some interesting facts about this massive fitness trend. Hop in!

Barre workout with Pony-O ponytails

This new workout method isn’t a big fan of massive and heavy workout tools. Instead, it only uses your own body weight to build resistance (you might also need some free weights, mat, and a ball but that’s it!). Barre workout promises to give long and lean muscles without the bulk which most girls are aiming for. It follows a unique technique of maximizing results by working the muscles in the right order and followed by active stretching to elongate the same area. This workout method is said to yield results in only a few weeks! Top that!


If you’re curious and interested (just as we are!), let’s juice out some more fascinating facts about this new workout method:

  • Barre workout originated all the way in 1959 by a German dancer
  • It originally combines ballerina conditioning routine and rehabilitation therapy
  • Barre workout came to America in 1971
  • This workout trend has been practiced since the last 10 years
  • Rather than compound movement like squats, it only uses tiny one-inch movements (like in ballerina minus the tapshoes and leotards of course!)


But do not belittle these tiny movements! Even though small, Barre workout’s one-inch movements can target multiple muscles at once and make them stronger just like your typical strengthening routines, but in a different way! This highly efficient workout will not only help you lose the weight you need to shed but you’ll also improve your mind and body connection.


Interesting huh? If you are as fascinated as us with this cool new workout, might as well get prepared on your first day at Barre class right? Workout more efficiently while looking at your best when performing all the moves and stretches with the one and only Pony-O!


Barre Workout with Pony-O

Even though Barre workout is not as intense and fast-paced as your regular cardio routine, you cannot simply scoff at this new trend. Prep your mind, body, and workout essentials! Do not forget to bring Pony-O!


But how exactly can Pony-O help you in your Barre workout?

Barre workout ponytail with Pony-O

Convenience No Else Can Give

Pony-O’s advanced and revolutionary design is not only perfect in creating your dream ponytails, buns, and half up hairstyles for a casual day at school, work, or parties. It’s also the perfect hair accessory that will help you perform your Barre workout routines more conveniently and efficiently by keeping your hair on top shape and away from your face. No need to constantly bother fixing your ponytails! Plus, it’s very easy to do, you can immediately hop onto your workout routines!


Gentle But Secure

Pony-O’s extraordinary strong grip gives you ponytails that do not budge, will last all day and will keep in place no matter how you bend, run, or stretch. But what really makes it unique is its strong yet very gentle and safe grip. Whilst giving you the strongest ponytails that can withstand the worst situations, Pony-O doesn’t rip, break, damage, or hurt your hair and scalp. This makes Pony-O the perfect workout essential for your Barre routines! Where else can you find a hair accessory that can provide you with all these benefits?!


30% More Volume

Lose weight with Barre workout but never the volume of your hair with Pony-O. Pony-O’s revolutionary designs give you not only a secure hairdo but a more volumized ponytail. In fact, Pony-O can give you 30% more volume! So whether you have thin hair, you can easily rock a high ponytail with Pony-O! Look fabulous on fleek while performing your favorite Barre workout routines!


Sweatproof & Waterproof

But what really makes Pony-O extra special for your Barre workout? Its sweatproof and waterproof properties! No matter how drenched you are with sweat, your ponytail will never back down because Pony-O always got your perfect hair covered! Always nail your Barre workout with a good sweatproof ponytail using our Pony-o!

Pony-O ponytails for Barre Workout

Sweatproof your ponytail and be unstoppable no matter what! Never worry about redoing your ponytails in the middle of your barre workout ever again with Pony-O! If you are looking for other stylish hairstyles to rock for your next Barre workout, you might want to check more sweatproof ponytails here.

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