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3 Stunning Ponytails With Braids

Posted by Emmerey Rose on

3 Stunning Ponytails With Braids

Stunning Ponytails with Braids

Level Up Your Ponytail Game With Stunning Braids!

Ponytails are universal and without a doubt, they are every girl’s go-to hairstyle. But simple ponytails can be a bit boring too. Why not upgrade your basic ponytails and make them unique? How? Simply by adding fancy braids! A fishtail, french braid, or even your basic braids can add so much detail and sophistication to your ponytails.

On the other hand, if you love braids but can’t let go of your ponytails, why not combine the best of both worlds?

Braided ponytails are the hottest hairstyle trend this season. You can see braided ponytails everywhere! From Instagram, Pinterest, and I bet, even on your friends’ heads! In fact, even celebrities on the red carpet have rocked their favorite high and low ponytails with a touch of cool braided strands. Everybody is definitely into this hairstyle craze. Coz’ why not? You can wear them basically anywhere! From formal parties, romantic date nights, fun girls night out, and even on a casual Sunday off of work. There are braided ponytails for every occasion! Also, not only are they cool and fancy but they are also very easy to do. All you need is your precious hair and a good quality hair tie like our Pony-O!

Why Choose Pony-O For Your Braided Ponytails?

We can’t stress enough how important good quality hair accessories are in perfecting the style you are aiming for. And when it comes to ponytails (basic or braided), nothing compares to Pony-O!

Patented Design

Pony-O boasts its patented design that features supreme functionality. It features high-quality silicone material that doesn’t stickStunning Ponytails with Braids or rip your hair off. It’s inner side also has tiny bubbles that prevent your hair from creasing. Yes to crease-free hairstyles! On top of that, Pony-O doesn’t stretch, but only bends giving you the added volume you need for your lifeless and flat braided ponytails. Now, doesn’t that sound interesting?

Maximum Comfort

With its patented design, Pony-O can create the perfect braided ponytails you’ve been dreaming of without sacrificing your comfort. Ponytails with Pony-O doesn’t require you to tug and pull your hair excessively unlike your traditional hair ties. Finally, no more painful scalp and broken hair strands! Also, bid farewell to your painful and easy to loose elastic hair ties by switching to Pony-O’s incomparable comfort and convenience!

Tight Grip

Pony-O is also famous for its tight and secure but gentle grip. Unlike using hair ties, all it takes for Pony-O to create a secure and gorgeous ponytail with braids is a single clip. No need to tie your hair excessively! And with that simple method comes a gorgeous braided ponytail that doesn’t easily get loose, flatten, or sag. No need for constant retouch even if you’re sweating in the gym, running in the field, or busy dancing to your favorite song!

Fast & Easy

You only need a minute (or even less!) to make your favorite braided ponytail that you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Literally, with only 3 easy steps, you already have a fancy hairstyle that you can wear to different events. It’s super easy to use that you can actually make a ponytail while walking and heading out to wherever you’re supposed to go!

3 Stunning Braided Ponytails With Pony-O

Ready to get started? Here are 3 stunning ponytails with braids you can easily achieve with Pony-O.

*Helpful tip: When getting started, always prep your hair by untangling and brushing them gently. Remember to start combing them on the lower portion to avoid breakage and damage.

Mohawk Braided Ponytail

Easy mohawk ponytail with braids

This hairstyle featuring a cool dutch braid on the top section of a ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays.

  • Section a part of hair on the top of your head and start creating a fancy dutch braid.
  • To create the dutch braid, begin by picking three strands of hair from the top part you’ve sectioned out. Make sure the middle strand is approximately 2” thick.
  • Create your dutch braid by crossing the two side strands underneath the middle strand while incorporating small sections of hair as you go along.
  • When the braid is done, gather it along with the rest of your hair.
  • Clip your hair using Pony-O. Then squash and bend Pony-O to secure your braided ponytail.

And you’re done! You now have a cool and edgy Mohawk braided ponytail that you can wear anywhere!

Half-Up Braided Ponytail

Half Up Ponytails with Braids

With the influence of young stars with the likes of Ariana Grande, half-up braided ponytails easily became popular most commonly among younger girls. To create this look, simply…

  • Braid the top portion of your hair whatever braid style you like (fishtail, Dutch, or French, etc).
  • When the braid reaches halfway at the back, secure it off with Pony-O.
  • Clip your hair and squash Pony-O.
  • Lastly, bend both sides and you’re all done!

Inside Out Braided Ponytail

Inside Out Ponytail with Braids

For a simpler and sleeker look, an inside-out braided ponytail is the hairstyle to go. Using Pony-O, create this hairstyle by…

  • Creating a low ponytail using Pony-O.
  • And using another Pony-O, tie your hair a few inches from the first one.
  • Create a small hole in between the ties and slip your hair through it coming from the back.
  • Loosen up the braid to create more volume and unique texture.
  • And you’re done!

Check out this video to learn these hairstyles step by step.


Recreate these stunning looks and upgrade your ponytails with cute braids using our revolutionary hair accessory, Pony-O!

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